Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July weekend in Edison!

My fourth of July weekend may have been a rainy one, but it wasn't a bad one. Not at all. We didn't go to a bar/club, but we did enjoy ourselves at a comedy club on Saturday night.

Mike gave me a recommendation for a nice club the next time I'm back down here in his area. The club is called the Golden Rail Irish Pub. Judging by the pictures on the website, I like the look of the girl to guy ratio. Some good eye candy. There appears to be a lot of Rutgers heads at that place, but I'll probably have to check out that bar some time down the road regardless.

Colleen, Raph, and I arrived at Mike's house in Edison on Friday afternoon. Those who were already there consisted of Ray, Mel, Greg, Mike and Chris (Mike's brother). Angela showed up sometime around 7pm. Throughout the afternoon on Friday, we BBQed some hot dogs and hamburgers out of the deck. There was also a cooler with about 60 beers. They were all gone within three, maybe four, hours. LOL. Guess who the main culprit was in the consumption of the beers??? You got it! Ray and Mel didn't stick around for all that long, as they wanted to head off and have some alone time with each other. They stuck around briefly, before leaving Mike's house.

On Friday night, the rest of us just stayed at the house, relaxed, and let the night drift away. For a little while, I sat outside on the deck in the rain and just let it cool me off as I sipped a cup of cherry coke. It was first non alcoholic beverage I had enjoyed that evening. Chris came out on the deck to smoke a cigarette and talk to me as well. Last night, the group and I went to this comedy club in New Brunswick called The Stress Factory. This marked the first time I had ever been there before.

There were two opening comedians (one confined to a wheelchair) who had some funny moments. The feature comedian, however, was Jamie Lissow and he was cracking everyone up. For the $13 cover, I thought he was very entertaining and I certainly got my money's worth. We also had dinner at the club. I ordered a pizza steak, which is pretty much a cheese steak with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. I also had two beers, a Heineken and Yuengling, with my dinner as I enjoyed the show.

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