Friday, July 25, 2008

Back in Lavallette; sensational beach day!

After sitting through some annoying and hellaciously slow traffic driving down the Parkway, as well as at the bridge on Mantaloking Road passing through Brick towards Rt 35, I finally arrived at Mike's beach house in Lavallette.

Upon arriving around 1pm, I brought some of my stuff into the house and waited for Colleen who was behind me by approximately a half hour. Around 1:30, Colleen pulled up in the driveway and we went to Ocean Beach across the street shortly thereafter. Props to Mike for leaving beach passes on the table for us. For the next four hours, we both sat on the beach and sunbathed. I sunbathed, but I also spent quite a bit of time swimming around in the ocean and getting the living hell knocked out of me by the forceful waves.

The water was so refreshing, as it felt really good to be getting the sun and salt water on my skin. After swimming in the water for a bit, I noticed how warm it truly was. When the water first hits your body, it's going to feel like its freezing because your body temperature is not yet adjusted to the temperature of the water. However, it felt absolutely exhilarating. Feeling those ocean waves hit my body was such a pleasant feeling; a feeling that has been long overdue this summer. I knew sitting on the beach in the bright hot sun and swimming in the turbulent salt water was doing a number on my skin. Eventually, we left the beach once we learned that Mike had made it to the beach house (through some horrendous traffic himself, I might add). The traffic was so terrible that it took Mike almost four hours to drive from his job in New Brunswick to the beach house in Lavallette.

Currently, Colleen, Mike, his brother Chris, and I are chillin here at the beach house and enjoying some frosty cold beers. In a few minutes, we will be walking to Wawa to get some dinner. I have such a glow right now and I am ecstatic in terms of what this weekend has to offer. Stay tuned for more regarding this mid summer extravaganza here at Jersey Shore in Lavallette. B-Money is back at the Jersey Shore, in full effect. I feel tremendous at this time and it's great to be back again!!

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