Saturday, July 19, 2008

Consistently sunny and hot, this has been a real summer!

Currently the temperature is in the mid-90s and it's sunny as hell outside. I can not recall a summer in recently history, at which the weather was so consistently hot and sunny. When my mother saw me this morning, she commented, "Damn, you have to be at least four shades darker!" My skin tone has gotten pretty dark. That's the benefit of having the olive skin, compliments of my Greek background. HAHA. It also helps when I'm outside on the deck, faithfully, taking in the rays of the bright hot sun. Gotta love it. I'm heading back outside right now to catch some more of those sun rays and enjoy this beautiful summer Saturday afternoon. I'm definitely looking forward to next weekend, when I head down to Lavallette on Friday and Wildwood on Sunday. No doubt, that weekend is going to be most exciting and fun filled weekend of the summer.

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