Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Go see Hancock!

On Sunday afternoon, before the entire gang parted ways and went back home, we all went to the movie theater at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison to see Hancock starring Will Smith.

Basically, Smith is modern day super hero with super natural physical strength and he can explode up into the air and fly around from place to place. As the advertisement on the movie's official website clearly states, he is not your average super hero.

The movie was comical, entertaining, and the plot had an interesting twist about midway through the movie that that the crowd did not expect. At first, as the ending of the film approached, I thought the ending was going to completely suck the way the plot was unfolding. However, it ended on a much better note than I thought it would. Furthermore, the ending made perfect sense to me when I take into account the basis of the story.

Knowing what I know after seeing the film, I will not spoil the entire plot for you. Just go see it for yourself. Job well done by Will Smith; awesome performance.

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