Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

After watching the Dover fireworks last night (a little better than they were in recent years) in rainy weather conditions, and meeting up with Billy D at the Stone Fire in Randolph (hottest new bar in Morris County, I'm getting to head down to Edison with Beanie and Raph to spend the weekend at Mike's house. A whole bunch of us will be there, including Greg Root, Ray, Mel, Mike, Angie, Colleen, Raph, myself, and perhaps others that I may not have mentioned at this time. Today, as well as the entire weekend, we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY! Let the Edison-based, Crazy Mike Milek-hosted, 4th of July weekend chronicles begin!

Stay tuned for more when I get down there, be safe, get shitfaced, and have a BLAST!

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