Monday, July 14, 2008

Pleasant Sunday at Pleasant Acres!

This summer has been a nice one in terms of weather conditions. I can not remember the last cold day we had. Knock on wood that we don't get any cold spells or that I didn't just jinx it with that opening line.

Anyway, we're only a few weeks away from the start of my new job at Solix, which I was hired for late last month. I've had to wait a little over a month and a half before starting, but it is what it is. I'm just happy that I was hired and that I will have a job very shortly. August 4 is right around the corner!

This past weekend was a nice, with the highlight of the weekend actually falling on Sunday. Yesterday, Billy D took Billy G and I out the Pleasant Acres Campground in Wantage where his family has a trailer. His family goes there during the summer and often stays there on the weekends. Our visit yesterday marked my second time ever at Pleasant Acres, but it was BG's first time ever. You may recall that I went there with Bill last year on Memorial Day weekend as well and had a blast.

The drive from Dover to Wantage was peaceful; we couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to make such a trip. Once you pass Dover and Jefferson, the scenery truly takes a turn for the better. There are mountains, trees, and valleys. Passing Sparta and heading into Sussex County, one sees farmland and really begins to get a feel for the country. On our way to Pleasant Acres, the three of us listened to Little Wayne, old school Tupac, and some other rap songs (both old and new) on satellite radio.

Eventually we arrived at the trailer, where the Bills changed into their bathing suits. I already had mine on, so I was all ready to go. We walked up the hill from the trailer to the area where the pool was located. The pool, as well as the area and sights surrounding the pool, were absolutely beautiful. On the side of the pool from a long distance, one could clearly see hills and valleys of farm land. This being a Sunday on a gorgeous summer afternoon, I was taking it all in and appreciating what a fine day it was as I went swimming with the Bills and the enjoyed the feeling of the hot sun hitting my back.

I haven't gone swimming in a over year, which is difficult to fathom being that I happen to have an in ground pool. Unfortunately we have not opened it in over a year. There's something wrong with the pump that needs to be fixed. Maybe the next year. But the fact of the matter is that I went swimming yesterday and I felt completely revitalized. Swimming is the ideal exercise for working out the entire body. The chlorine in the pool water is also really good for the skin, and I have rather sensitive skin, so going swimming was a positive for me all across the board.

After having fun in the pool for a few hours and enjoying the leisure, we eventually got out of the pool, dried off, and departed from the campground to head back home. Prior to going home, we stopped off at Taco Bell for dinner (my treat, I might add!). Hey, it was only fair since Billy D was courteous enough to drive and the fact that both guys had bought me either food, drinks, or both throughout the course of the weekend. The time spent with two of my best friends at the trailer was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday. It's those precious gems of time that I look back at and truly appreciate, even through the thick and the thin.

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