Sunday, August 31, 2008

A relaxing Sunday on Labor Day weekend!

BLOG OF BRYAN Upgrade coming soon?

How about a little Labor Day weekend bloggery? It's a beautiful Sunday morning on Labor Day weekend, with tomorrow being the official Labor Day holiday. This is a federal holiday that is intended to commend the efforts of the working citizen, but it also means an extra day off from work for me on this relaxing and leisurely three day weekend. A little later today, Mike is coming up to D-town to hang out with me for a while. That should be a pretty decent time; we'll probably order a pizza pie and then go see a movie at the theater. Perhaps Beanie will be available to join us as well, and maybe even Raph.

I'll tell you what, I've really gotten acclimated to my respective wake up times and bedtimes during the work week. With my track record on the weekends, I have no business being up at 11:11 AM typing this post, but this cup of coffee that I'm drinking is really good and it's giving me somewhat of a boost. During the week, I usually go to bed around 11pm and get up at precisely 6:30 so I can get to work at 7AM.

Throughout this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday morning, I've been passing out around 10PM, or even 10:30, and getting out of bed around 8:30 AM. What the fuck????? LOL. That is so uncharacteristic of me, but I haven't really gone out late at night any of the days this weekend, so I guess my body is doing the next best thing and reverting to what it's been used to doing throughout the work week.

Here's a Labor Day heads up for many of you BLOG OF BRYAN enthusiasts who have stuck with me through thick and thin and have tuned in throughout this site's two and a half year existence. Hell, this is for anybody who comes to this page -- new, old, or current visitors!
Most likely a month or two down the road, there will be a BLOG OF BRYAN site upgrade. That's right. I'm moving this site to another service through a different software with it's own domain name and many new features. There's a number of different topics, related to me as well as the world as a whole (politics, news, entertainment, etc), that I would like to begin covering and discussing here, so it's fitting that I add a new feature or two and make a little upgrade just to enhance the presentation and quality of this site.

You might be asking yourselves, "he actually seems to have a fucking life... why in the world is he doing this?" Well, that's a good question and I have a fitting answer. I'm working on launching a website down the road related to boxing -- somewhat related to my boxing blog, but I want to it be a successful and legitimate boxing resource, that I can update with pictures, maybe videos if I play my cards right, and actually launch the site with a patented company name and logo. That way, I can get some shirts made and attend some of these boxing events dressed in those shirts, talking to some of the boxing luminaries in attendance.

Boxing happens to be a sport that I truly love; it is indeed a passion of mine. Not too many folks have passions these days, so I am thankful that I actually have one that I take pride in and follow faithfully. Maybe it's a project that can make me some money if I'm successful. Anyway, that's something that I am planning to do down the line and moving this site to another software -- the same software the boxing site will be functioning through, is a test to see how this site looks and operates.

Besides, I have wanted to upgrade this page for some time now. Expect an announcement regarding the precise date of the upgrade very shortly. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and stay tuned for more. You don't want to miss a beat!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Civil Service exam September 11??

It's another exam for me to ace, which could propel me to greater heights down the road!

Months ago, I applied for a state job position of Claims Adjudicator Determination Trainee, which is the same position my good friend Mike is currently working right now in New Brunswick. Earlier this week in the mail, I received a notice from the State of NJ stating that I am to appear at a testing site on September 11 at 6PM to take my civil service test for that position. WOW! When you're not working, nobody seems to want anything to do with you. When you are employed, that's when everybody comes out of the wood work and contacts you. I'm doing alright at my current job and I intend to remain there as long as that is the case, as I appear to be improving gradually with each passing week. However, I will not hesitate to take this exam. It's another test for me to ace, which could propel me to greater heights down the road!

Senator John McCain chooses *drumroll* Sarah Palin....

Unknown 44 year old woman from Alaska will be McCain's running mate!

Most of us, prior to today, believed that Senator John McCain (R) who is campaigning in the 2008 Presidential Race for the White House against Barack Obama (D) would likely choose Mitt Romney as his running mate for Vice President.
Folks throughout the country were baffled today, when they learned that McCain chose relatively unknown Alaskin native Sarah Palin. McCain implied that Palin is exactly what this country needs at this time. Perhaps he chose Palin in a desperate attempt to sway female voters to his side, knowing that Hillary Clinton is supporting Obama in his race for the Presidency. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a HUGE difference between the reputations of Clinton and Palin!!!

In what can be viewed as a risky move, McCain probably just dismissed the claim that Obama doesn't have enough experience or know-how to be the President of the United States under the critical circumstances that our country is currently facing. Why is it dismissed? Because the MILF he chose to run for Vice President happens to be the same age as his 44 year old opponent! That means that the 44 year old Palin will become President of the United States, should the 72 year old McCain win the election and flat line within his four year term -- or eight years if he is re-elected in 2012. Do yourselves a favor.

Vote Barack Obama. One of the reasons why the Republicans have had the upper hand for eight years is because the Democratic party largely consists of a lower age demographic and younger folks do not go out to vote nearly as much as the older ones tend to do.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun at Greg's pool party!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears as though Labor Day weekend is just about upon us. I am thankful that I get a day off on Monday, but it is sad that the summer is about to end. I've always been more fond of Memorial Day, which leads into the summer season. However, Fall can bring about some excitement as well.

Each and every year since 1980, it's brought about the birthday of B-Money, which is November 5. Certainly I will be looking forward to the celebration of my 28th birthday this year. Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays because I can eat all day until I am stuffed. Of course, there's always the night before Thanksgiving which happens to be one of the big going-out evenings of the year.

On September 7, Crazy Mike, Greg Root and myself will be going to Six Flags Great Adventure. I am seriously looking forward to that day, as it's been a good 13 years since I've been to Six Flags. Being that I didn't go on any of the roller coasters at Wildwood, Mike and Greg probably believe deep down in their hearts and minds that I fear rollercoasters. When we go to Six Flags on September 7, I will put an end to such thoughts and beliefs -- I will not only go on the roller coasters, but I will also thoroughly enjoy each and every roller coaster I go on!

This past weekend, I went down to Cinnaminson for Greg's pool party. Those who showed up were Mike, Ray, Mel, Mel's brother Chris, and myself. We had a blast swimming in Greg's pool and enjoying the many adult beverages that there at Greg's house. Whenever I attend a party or a weekend hang out, I never like to attend empty handed, so I brought a 12 pack of Heineken and a 12 pack of Yuengling to Greg's. Mike brought a six pack of this Pumpkin flavored Saranac beer, which no offense, happened to be some of the shittiest stuff I've ever tasted. The initial sip doesn't taste all that bad, but the after taste is rather nasty. It has kind of a vile after taste; rather foul. Even Mike had to agree on that, as he tried it and certainly did not approve of it. At the same time, I definitely have to give Mike props for being thoughtfully creative by trying something different!

One of the highlights of that weekend was Greg trying to open a twist-off topped bottle of Miller Lite. After failing to open the damn thing, he implied, "It must be one of those new tops that you need a beer bottle opener for." Moments later, Mike grabbed the bottle from Greg's hand, used his shirt to open the bottle, and twisted the top off immediately. LMAO. Way to go, Greg!

Another comical moment was when Mike took one of the spongy ball shaped objects out of the pool and threw it, soaking wet, full force at Greg's head. I totally saw it coming when I noticed Mike, acting like he was up to no good walking around the pool very quietly. As soon as Greg got hit, I could see the water from the ball splash off of his head. Greg was not very happy at first, as he had a look on his face that suggested he could kill Mike at that moment. Still, it was a comical sight to behold. Ray and I stood there laughing at the whole thing. Fortunately Greg wasn't hurt, but I have to admit that's probably the type of thing that would really piss me off as well -- albeit momentarily.

Later that night, we all decided to go back to Fluid Nightclub in Philadelphia. Prior to the club, Mike, Greg, Chris, and I stopped at this store called Condom Kingdom, where we met Ray and Melissa (who drove to Philly separately in Ray's car). Ray, Mel, Chris, Mike and I had previously gone there for Mel's 21st birthday last month. Having become a pretty big fan of that place after going there once, I was thrilled to be going back there. I had a pretty decent time, but that visit wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first one. Fluid is a themed nightclub, which means different nights have different themes.

When we went to Fluid Nightclub last month, it was 80s night/techno, so I felt as though that made it easier for me to dance up on the girls. This past Saturday night, however, Fluid was representing an R&B theme. While dancing to the R&B, which is a type of music that I happen to be quite fond of, the girls really weren't feeling me as much as they were the night I was dancing to the techno. LOL. Nonetheless, I had a decent time. South Street Philly has become the ideal location for walking around with friends and enjoying the night life. Great weekend down at Greg's as well as in Philly. Philly has really become a right of passage on any weekend that I am down at Greg's. Whenever Greg has us down for a weekend, one can also assume that a trip to Philly is in the cards.

That's pretty much it for now. Now that the 2008 Olympics Games in China have come to a close, folks will now turn their attention to the race for the White House between Barack Obama (D) and John McCain (R). Democrats need to get out and vote!

Obama/Biden 2008!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good time at Hot 22 last Friday night!

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

Best friend Scott Davies flew across the country back to Las Vegas last night, with his lovely wife Liezl eagerly anticipating his return.

Even though I don't see Scott as much as I used to back in the days when we ran cross country and track together in high school, it's always a pleasure to hang out with him when he does return to Jerz. This past Friday, we went back to Hot 22 in Union, which has become somewhat of tradition for Scott and I whenever he comes back to Jerz. Such an activity is certainly exclusive to Scottie D and B-Money. Hot 22, as you might already know from previous posts here on Blog of Bryan, was the site at which Scott's bachelor party took place in June of 2004. What a memorable night that turned out to be. LOL. We had another good time there on Friday night as well.

I definitely received one of the best contact dances ever. That chick knew exactly what she was doing and made that dance a very comfortable and sexually pleasant experience for me -- as sexually pleasant as a grinding lap dance through a pair of jeans could possibly be. I'm happy that I got another opportunity to spend some fun times with a best friend of mine who is as geographically distant as he is.

In the words of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the quote at the top of this post, there is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

A special thanks to Scott for picking me up that night in Morristown.

Paying bills and paying my way out of debt: The determination of security!

This is a beautiful night with a really tolerable temperature outside. It's not too hot or cold. There's no humidity. It feels terrific. Here's to the start of yet another week, but this week did not start on such a bad note. My day at work was relatively productive, as I've really begun to get the ball rolling since Friday. On Friday I picked up the pace just a little bit and continued where I left off with another reasonably productive day today.

On another bright note, I paid a number of bills in the past couple of days. My auto insurance, student loans, cell phone bill, and credit card bill are all paid for! *applause* The credit card bill is really caught up with as of today, as I paid more than the minimum. My goal is to get myself out of most of the debt that the credit card has put me in within the next month or two. Come the end of the year, I do not want to be in any debt other than my student loan bills. At this point in time, I'm blessed to once again be in the position to get my life back in order again personally as well as economically. I'm just taking the job I have in stride and taking this life re-structuring process one day at a time.

With each passing step and every day of working hard and hustling, I will be inch closer to prosperity and better living than was the case before. The less debt one has, the more money one is able to save and the less money one has to dish out. The determination of wealth or security is not based and predicated on how much one earns, but how much one has in their checking and savings accounts. Financial stability is pretty much determined by what one can go out and get for themselves if they want to or need to do so. This walk of life is what I am attempting to improve upon right now, and it has all begun with getting bills paid on time and really getting caught up on my credit card.

Good day today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

B-Money getting his Money game right!

I could get used to this 7am to 3:30 pm working life style, even if I'm not quite used to my position yet or the work that it entails. Getting up early in the morning can be a drag, but it's not nearly as taxing as having to stay later in the evening. I'd rather go in early in the morning and get my working day over with. Tomorrow I have at least one check coming to me. Depending on when my final unemployment benefit arrives in the mail, it could very well be two checks for me. That would super sweet! The time has come for me to rise above my nickname and get Money game right. Currently the idea of getting my money game and priorities together is what primarily consumes my mind. At this point in time, it's all about rising above life's most complex problems and making my individual life much easier both personally and economically.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

B-Money is on the rise, in more ways than one, for more than one purpose!

i´ve been taught, in the name of life
What a thrill, like a steely knife it hit my face´
see it left without a trace
Life´s been short, in the name of love´
paid my bills, just to rise above secret hills

there´s been awful pain all through this race
I made it to a peaceful place, i know –I will make it again´
see my consciousness is bright and clear´
see me standing tall and have no fear at all(chorus)

take away my pride, i will rise again
Though it seems so hard, i know –You will see me again
Seasons come and go, i will rise again
Deep inside i know
I´ll be back again

-- DJ Sammy, Rise Again.

Gotta love those lyrics, as well as that song. First time I heard that song was on the Best of Trance Volume 5 compilation CD that I burnt from Greg Root a couple of weeks ago when we were down in Lavallette for Mike's latest weekend get-together. Those lyrics certainly describe my current situation in life.

As I was sitting with Billy D and Billy G at M&S II at dinner tonight, they asked what the latest and greatest was with B-Money. I told them that I'm getting my money game right. While getting my money game right, I'm getting these bills paid and out of the way. I'm getting the debt that I have under control. The whole thing is part of my game plan to get my life in order again with this job.

Today I purchased a bottle of multi-vitamins, one of which I will take with a meal on a daily basis. I also formulated a little five week budget redemption process that I plan to follow. This budget redemption will not only allow me to get caught up on bills and debt, but I will help me get ahead of the game in that respect. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not going to lie to you. I've been somewhat stoked at work this past few days, with my team coach sitting at the desk right behind me checking out my every move. It feels just a little more stuffy in my group than it appears to be in the rest of the teams (the approach on the part of the coaches of other teams seems much more laid back), but I must make that money and I must make somewhat of a positive and productive impact, regardless, on the company and the department that I work in.

At this time, I'm just focusing on rising, getting my life in order, paying these bills, paying off this debt, and just having fun outside of work! I'm looking forward to the Rootman's pool party with great anticipation. That should be a dynamite weekend the cap off what has been a tremendous summer of 2008!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Anticipation of pool party weekend rises, as complexities of new job surface!

Rising anticipation of Greg Root's pool party on August 22-23!

Somebody had a case of the Monday's today, but that case is finally over because the working day came and went. Today marked the start of my second week at the new job. I would have to say that a variety of bullshit related to my job description and what my position entails came at me in the dark today, as I am now aware that I still have quite a bit learn about my position as I continue to move forward. One might say that I have been the slightest bit stoked over the past couple of work days (Friday and today).

Dealing with these applications and fund requests, there are many complex procedures that must be followed in order to complete the applications appropriately without error. On a positive note, I passed my certification exam with a score of 100%! *applause* B-Money is not stupid by any means, ladies and gentlemen. Alright, enough about my fucking job. Because honestly, I can bore the fuck out of you for hours talking about that shit, and with the time being 8:33 pm, I doubt any you really need the sleep aid at this very moment.

On the weekend of August 22-23, I will once again be heading down the Southwestern area of Jerz for Greg Root's end of the summer pool party weekend. Now that's what I am talking about. Let's spice this blog up with some fun and exciting events that B-Money is actually looking forward to being a part of; events that ya'll are looking forward to reading about! There will be a number of heads present at Greg's pool party, including Mike, Angela, Ray, Mel, and probably Mel's brother Chris. Some other folks who used to go to Stockton will probably be there too. That should be a hell of a time. Greg is even thinking about ordering a couple kegs of beer for the occasion. Nothing like getting fucked up at a pool party. So I got that coming up a couple weekends down the road.

Scott Davies is back in Jersey again. He arrived last Wednesday and even managed to come out for Bill Gratacoes's birthday at the Grasshopper in Morristown. For the better part of this week, Scott's actually going to be down in Atlantic City, which happens to be my old stomping grounds for those of you who don't know. However, I'm sure most of you do know -- at least those of you who have following the Blog of Bryan faithfully for the past few years now.

Originally I had intended to go to Atlantic City with Scott, but the start of my new job inconveniently conflicted with those plans. Therefore, no Atlantic City fun for yours truly this week. Pretty soon, however, I intend to make another trip down to that neck of woods. Nick, one of the guys who was in my training class for this job, actually went to Stockton as well and graduated this past May. We've talked about the idea of us making a trip down there together, so that's very possible as well for one of these upcoming weekends.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

First week at Solix, Mel's birthday in Philly, and more!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's your boy B-Money coming back at you with another update. I can not believe it is already the month of August, but I have no complaints regarding this summer up to this point. Summer of 2008 been a truly terrific summer for yours truly.

When one takes into account the summer I had last year, this year has blown last year out of the water. Last weekend, I took the trek down to Southwest Jerz for Mel's 21st birthday celebration. On Friday afternoon, I drove down to Edison to meet Mike at his house and we carpooled from that point on to Cinaminson. Once we got to Mel's house, we hung out with Ray, Mel, and the rest of the folks at the party for a little while. Later that night, Ray drove us into Philly where we went to this nightclub called Fluid Nightclub on South Street.

Upon entertaining the club paying a cover charge of $5, I could hear techno and trance music playing. Perfect! Instantly I could tell that this was my type of club as well as my type of scene. First thing was first, I went to the bar to buy myself a Yuengling. After buying my bottle of Yuengling I headed into the dance room and started dancing. On Friday night, we celebrated Mel's 21st birthday and I danced the night away. Mike and I slept over at Mel's house for the night, but left early on Saturday morning to head back to Edison. Once we got back to Mike's house in Edison, I hung out with him for a little bit as we watched a few episodes of Seinfeld.

Eventually I drove back home to D-town and watched the the IBF Welterweight Championship fight between Joshua Clottey and Zab Judah. Clottey won by technical decision after nine rounds, due to the referee's call of an unintentional headbutt. I didn't see a headbutt in the replays! No sir. I saw a punch land for Clottey, which opened up a bad cut over Judah's right eye. But that's neither here nor there, as the right guy (whether it was a headbutt or being ahead on the official scorecards) was declared the victor in the fight.

I'm delighted that I got the job that I got, a legitimate one at that, earlier this year and that I am one week into my training at Solix as an auditor. I've had a solid group of trainees in my class with me, as I went to lunch with a couple of the guys on Tuesday and Wednesday. We're learning quite a bit and the job carries a lot of responsibility. I've taken three comprehensive tests so far and passed all three tests with ease. Yesterday, I was appointed my cubicle where I got myself all situated before finally leaving at 3:15 to start my weekend.

All I have left is a certification test, which is coming up within the next couple of weeks. I have no doubts whatsoever that I will ace that test with no struggle at all. I will be successful at this job, as B-Money clearly would not have it any other way.