Monday, August 11, 2008

Anticipation of pool party weekend rises, as complexities of new job surface!

Rising anticipation of Greg Root's pool party on August 22-23!

Somebody had a case of the Monday's today, but that case is finally over because the working day came and went. Today marked the start of my second week at the new job. I would have to say that a variety of bullshit related to my job description and what my position entails came at me in the dark today, as I am now aware that I still have quite a bit learn about my position as I continue to move forward. One might say that I have been the slightest bit stoked over the past couple of work days (Friday and today).

Dealing with these applications and fund requests, there are many complex procedures that must be followed in order to complete the applications appropriately without error. On a positive note, I passed my certification exam with a score of 100%! *applause* B-Money is not stupid by any means, ladies and gentlemen. Alright, enough about my fucking job. Because honestly, I can bore the fuck out of you for hours talking about that shit, and with the time being 8:33 pm, I doubt any you really need the sleep aid at this very moment.

On the weekend of August 22-23, I will once again be heading down the Southwestern area of Jerz for Greg Root's end of the summer pool party weekend. Now that's what I am talking about. Let's spice this blog up with some fun and exciting events that B-Money is actually looking forward to being a part of; events that ya'll are looking forward to reading about! There will be a number of heads present at Greg's pool party, including Mike, Angela, Ray, Mel, and probably Mel's brother Chris. Some other folks who used to go to Stockton will probably be there too. That should be a hell of a time. Greg is even thinking about ordering a couple kegs of beer for the occasion. Nothing like getting fucked up at a pool party. So I got that coming up a couple weekends down the road.

Scott Davies is back in Jersey again. He arrived last Wednesday and even managed to come out for Bill Gratacoes's birthday at the Grasshopper in Morristown. For the better part of this week, Scott's actually going to be down in Atlantic City, which happens to be my old stomping grounds for those of you who don't know. However, I'm sure most of you do know -- at least those of you who have following the Blog of Bryan faithfully for the past few years now.

Originally I had intended to go to Atlantic City with Scott, but the start of my new job inconveniently conflicted with those plans. Therefore, no Atlantic City fun for yours truly this week. Pretty soon, however, I intend to make another trip down to that neck of woods. Nick, one of the guys who was in my training class for this job, actually went to Stockton as well and graduated this past May. We've talked about the idea of us making a trip down there together, so that's very possible as well for one of these upcoming weekends.

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