Tuesday, August 12, 2008

B-Money is on the rise, in more ways than one, for more than one purpose!

i´ve been taught, in the name of life
What a thrill, like a steely knife it hit my face´
see it left without a trace
Life´s been short, in the name of love´
paid my bills, just to rise above secret hills

there´s been awful pain all through this race
I made it to a peaceful place, i know –I will make it again´
see my consciousness is bright and clear´
see me standing tall and have no fear at all(chorus)

take away my pride, i will rise again
Though it seems so hard, i know –You will see me again
Seasons come and go, i will rise again
Deep inside i know
I´ll be back again

-- DJ Sammy, Rise Again.

Gotta love those lyrics, as well as that song. First time I heard that song was on the Best of Trance Volume 5 compilation CD that I burnt from Greg Root a couple of weeks ago when we were down in Lavallette for Mike's latest weekend get-together. Those lyrics certainly describe my current situation in life.

As I was sitting with Billy D and Billy G at M&S II at dinner tonight, they asked what the latest and greatest was with B-Money. I told them that I'm getting my money game right. While getting my money game right, I'm getting these bills paid and out of the way. I'm getting the debt that I have under control. The whole thing is part of my game plan to get my life in order again with this job.

Today I purchased a bottle of multi-vitamins, one of which I will take with a meal on a daily basis. I also formulated a little five week budget redemption process that I plan to follow. This budget redemption will not only allow me to get caught up on bills and debt, but I will help me get ahead of the game in that respect. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not going to lie to you. I've been somewhat stoked at work this past few days, with my team coach sitting at the desk right behind me checking out my every move. It feels just a little more stuffy in my group than it appears to be in the rest of the teams (the approach on the part of the coaches of other teams seems much more laid back), but I must make that money and I must make somewhat of a positive and productive impact, regardless, on the company and the department that I work in.

At this time, I'm just focusing on rising, getting my life in order, paying these bills, paying off this debt, and just having fun outside of work! I'm looking forward to the Rootman's pool party with great anticipation. That should be a dynamite weekend the cap off what has been a tremendous summer of 2008!

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