Saturday, August 09, 2008

First week at Solix, Mel's birthday in Philly, and more!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's your boy B-Money coming back at you with another update. I can not believe it is already the month of August, but I have no complaints regarding this summer up to this point. Summer of 2008 been a truly terrific summer for yours truly.

When one takes into account the summer I had last year, this year has blown last year out of the water. Last weekend, I took the trek down to Southwest Jerz for Mel's 21st birthday celebration. On Friday afternoon, I drove down to Edison to meet Mike at his house and we carpooled from that point on to Cinaminson. Once we got to Mel's house, we hung out with Ray, Mel, and the rest of the folks at the party for a little while. Later that night, Ray drove us into Philly where we went to this nightclub called Fluid Nightclub on South Street.

Upon entertaining the club paying a cover charge of $5, I could hear techno and trance music playing. Perfect! Instantly I could tell that this was my type of club as well as my type of scene. First thing was first, I went to the bar to buy myself a Yuengling. After buying my bottle of Yuengling I headed into the dance room and started dancing. On Friday night, we celebrated Mel's 21st birthday and I danced the night away. Mike and I slept over at Mel's house for the night, but left early on Saturday morning to head back to Edison. Once we got back to Mike's house in Edison, I hung out with him for a little bit as we watched a few episodes of Seinfeld.

Eventually I drove back home to D-town and watched the the IBF Welterweight Championship fight between Joshua Clottey and Zab Judah. Clottey won by technical decision after nine rounds, due to the referee's call of an unintentional headbutt. I didn't see a headbutt in the replays! No sir. I saw a punch land for Clottey, which opened up a bad cut over Judah's right eye. But that's neither here nor there, as the right guy (whether it was a headbutt or being ahead on the official scorecards) was declared the victor in the fight.

I'm delighted that I got the job that I got, a legitimate one at that, earlier this year and that I am one week into my training at Solix as an auditor. I've had a solid group of trainees in my class with me, as I went to lunch with a couple of the guys on Tuesday and Wednesday. We're learning quite a bit and the job carries a lot of responsibility. I've taken three comprehensive tests so far and passed all three tests with ease. Yesterday, I was appointed my cubicle where I got myself all situated before finally leaving at 3:15 to start my weekend.

All I have left is a certification test, which is coming up within the next couple of weeks. I have no doubts whatsoever that I will ace that test with no struggle at all. I will be successful at this job, as B-Money clearly would not have it any other way.

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