Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun at Greg's pool party!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears as though Labor Day weekend is just about upon us. I am thankful that I get a day off on Monday, but it is sad that the summer is about to end. I've always been more fond of Memorial Day, which leads into the summer season. However, Fall can bring about some excitement as well.

Each and every year since 1980, it's brought about the birthday of B-Money, which is November 5. Certainly I will be looking forward to the celebration of my 28th birthday this year. Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays because I can eat all day until I am stuffed. Of course, there's always the night before Thanksgiving which happens to be one of the big going-out evenings of the year.

On September 7, Crazy Mike, Greg Root and myself will be going to Six Flags Great Adventure. I am seriously looking forward to that day, as it's been a good 13 years since I've been to Six Flags. Being that I didn't go on any of the roller coasters at Wildwood, Mike and Greg probably believe deep down in their hearts and minds that I fear rollercoasters. When we go to Six Flags on September 7, I will put an end to such thoughts and beliefs -- I will not only go on the roller coasters, but I will also thoroughly enjoy each and every roller coaster I go on!

This past weekend, I went down to Cinnaminson for Greg's pool party. Those who showed up were Mike, Ray, Mel, Mel's brother Chris, and myself. We had a blast swimming in Greg's pool and enjoying the many adult beverages that there at Greg's house. Whenever I attend a party or a weekend hang out, I never like to attend empty handed, so I brought a 12 pack of Heineken and a 12 pack of Yuengling to Greg's. Mike brought a six pack of this Pumpkin flavored Saranac beer, which no offense, happened to be some of the shittiest stuff I've ever tasted. The initial sip doesn't taste all that bad, but the after taste is rather nasty. It has kind of a vile after taste; rather foul. Even Mike had to agree on that, as he tried it and certainly did not approve of it. At the same time, I definitely have to give Mike props for being thoughtfully creative by trying something different!

One of the highlights of that weekend was Greg trying to open a twist-off topped bottle of Miller Lite. After failing to open the damn thing, he implied, "It must be one of those new tops that you need a beer bottle opener for." Moments later, Mike grabbed the bottle from Greg's hand, used his shirt to open the bottle, and twisted the top off immediately. LMAO. Way to go, Greg!

Another comical moment was when Mike took one of the spongy ball shaped objects out of the pool and threw it, soaking wet, full force at Greg's head. I totally saw it coming when I noticed Mike, acting like he was up to no good walking around the pool very quietly. As soon as Greg got hit, I could see the water from the ball splash off of his head. Greg was not very happy at first, as he had a look on his face that suggested he could kill Mike at that moment. Still, it was a comical sight to behold. Ray and I stood there laughing at the whole thing. Fortunately Greg wasn't hurt, but I have to admit that's probably the type of thing that would really piss me off as well -- albeit momentarily.

Later that night, we all decided to go back to Fluid Nightclub in Philadelphia. Prior to the club, Mike, Greg, Chris, and I stopped at this store called Condom Kingdom, where we met Ray and Melissa (who drove to Philly separately in Ray's car). Ray, Mel, Chris, Mike and I had previously gone there for Mel's 21st birthday last month. Having become a pretty big fan of that place after going there once, I was thrilled to be going back there. I had a pretty decent time, but that visit wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first one. Fluid is a themed nightclub, which means different nights have different themes.

When we went to Fluid Nightclub last month, it was 80s night/techno, so I felt as though that made it easier for me to dance up on the girls. This past Saturday night, however, Fluid was representing an R&B theme. While dancing to the R&B, which is a type of music that I happen to be quite fond of, the girls really weren't feeling me as much as they were the night I was dancing to the techno. LOL. Nonetheless, I had a decent time. South Street Philly has become the ideal location for walking around with friends and enjoying the night life. Great weekend down at Greg's as well as in Philly. Philly has really become a right of passage on any weekend that I am down at Greg's. Whenever Greg has us down for a weekend, one can also assume that a trip to Philly is in the cards.

That's pretty much it for now. Now that the 2008 Olympics Games in China have come to a close, folks will now turn their attention to the race for the White House between Barack Obama (D) and John McCain (R). Democrats need to get out and vote!

Obama/Biden 2008!

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