Monday, August 18, 2008

Paying bills and paying my way out of debt: The determination of security!

This is a beautiful night with a really tolerable temperature outside. It's not too hot or cold. There's no humidity. It feels terrific. Here's to the start of yet another week, but this week did not start on such a bad note. My day at work was relatively productive, as I've really begun to get the ball rolling since Friday. On Friday I picked up the pace just a little bit and continued where I left off with another reasonably productive day today.

On another bright note, I paid a number of bills in the past couple of days. My auto insurance, student loans, cell phone bill, and credit card bill are all paid for! *applause* The credit card bill is really caught up with as of today, as I paid more than the minimum. My goal is to get myself out of most of the debt that the credit card has put me in within the next month or two. Come the end of the year, I do not want to be in any debt other than my student loan bills. At this point in time, I'm blessed to once again be in the position to get my life back in order again personally as well as economically. I'm just taking the job I have in stride and taking this life re-structuring process one day at a time.

With each passing step and every day of working hard and hustling, I will be inch closer to prosperity and better living than was the case before. The less debt one has, the more money one is able to save and the less money one has to dish out. The determination of wealth or security is not based and predicated on how much one earns, but how much one has in their checking and savings accounts. Financial stability is pretty much determined by what one can go out and get for themselves if they want to or need to do so. This walk of life is what I am attempting to improve upon right now, and it has all begun with getting bills paid on time and really getting caught up on my credit card.

Good day today.

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