Sunday, August 31, 2008

A relaxing Sunday on Labor Day weekend!

BLOG OF BRYAN Upgrade coming soon?

How about a little Labor Day weekend bloggery? It's a beautiful Sunday morning on Labor Day weekend, with tomorrow being the official Labor Day holiday. This is a federal holiday that is intended to commend the efforts of the working citizen, but it also means an extra day off from work for me on this relaxing and leisurely three day weekend. A little later today, Mike is coming up to D-town to hang out with me for a while. That should be a pretty decent time; we'll probably order a pizza pie and then go see a movie at the theater. Perhaps Beanie will be available to join us as well, and maybe even Raph.

I'll tell you what, I've really gotten acclimated to my respective wake up times and bedtimes during the work week. With my track record on the weekends, I have no business being up at 11:11 AM typing this post, but this cup of coffee that I'm drinking is really good and it's giving me somewhat of a boost. During the week, I usually go to bed around 11pm and get up at precisely 6:30 so I can get to work at 7AM.

Throughout this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday morning, I've been passing out around 10PM, or even 10:30, and getting out of bed around 8:30 AM. What the fuck????? LOL. That is so uncharacteristic of me, but I haven't really gone out late at night any of the days this weekend, so I guess my body is doing the next best thing and reverting to what it's been used to doing throughout the work week.

Here's a Labor Day heads up for many of you BLOG OF BRYAN enthusiasts who have stuck with me through thick and thin and have tuned in throughout this site's two and a half year existence. Hell, this is for anybody who comes to this page -- new, old, or current visitors!
Most likely a month or two down the road, there will be a BLOG OF BRYAN site upgrade. That's right. I'm moving this site to another service through a different software with it's own domain name and many new features. There's a number of different topics, related to me as well as the world as a whole (politics, news, entertainment, etc), that I would like to begin covering and discussing here, so it's fitting that I add a new feature or two and make a little upgrade just to enhance the presentation and quality of this site.

You might be asking yourselves, "he actually seems to have a fucking life... why in the world is he doing this?" Well, that's a good question and I have a fitting answer. I'm working on launching a website down the road related to boxing -- somewhat related to my boxing blog, but I want to it be a successful and legitimate boxing resource, that I can update with pictures, maybe videos if I play my cards right, and actually launch the site with a patented company name and logo. That way, I can get some shirts made and attend some of these boxing events dressed in those shirts, talking to some of the boxing luminaries in attendance.

Boxing happens to be a sport that I truly love; it is indeed a passion of mine. Not too many folks have passions these days, so I am thankful that I actually have one that I take pride in and follow faithfully. Maybe it's a project that can make me some money if I'm successful. Anyway, that's something that I am planning to do down the line and moving this site to another software -- the same software the boxing site will be functioning through, is a test to see how this site looks and operates.

Besides, I have wanted to upgrade this page for some time now. Expect an announcement regarding the precise date of the upgrade very shortly. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and stay tuned for more. You don't want to miss a beat!

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