Friday, August 29, 2008

Senator John McCain chooses *drumroll* Sarah Palin....

Unknown 44 year old woman from Alaska will be McCain's running mate!

Most of us, prior to today, believed that Senator John McCain (R) who is campaigning in the 2008 Presidential Race for the White House against Barack Obama (D) would likely choose Mitt Romney as his running mate for Vice President.
Folks throughout the country were baffled today, when they learned that McCain chose relatively unknown Alaskin native Sarah Palin. McCain implied that Palin is exactly what this country needs at this time. Perhaps he chose Palin in a desperate attempt to sway female voters to his side, knowing that Hillary Clinton is supporting Obama in his race for the Presidency. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a HUGE difference between the reputations of Clinton and Palin!!!

In what can be viewed as a risky move, McCain probably just dismissed the claim that Obama doesn't have enough experience or know-how to be the President of the United States under the critical circumstances that our country is currently facing. Why is it dismissed? Because the MILF he chose to run for Vice President happens to be the same age as his 44 year old opponent! That means that the 44 year old Palin will become President of the United States, should the 72 year old McCain win the election and flat line within his four year term -- or eight years if he is re-elected in 2012. Do yourselves a favor.

Vote Barack Obama. One of the reasons why the Republicans have had the upper hand for eight years is because the Democratic party largely consists of a lower age demographic and younger folks do not go out to vote nearly as much as the older ones tend to do.


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