Monday, September 29, 2008

Economy falls, but memories of Six Flags are still grand!

From Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, from surplus to economic crisis - that's what you call progress manifesting from successful leadership of our country. NOT! Unfortunately the US House rejected the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.

If I can bare any moral comfort from this economic crisis, it's that I wasn't one of the 51% who voted GWB back into office in 2004! Friday night's debate may very well have swung many of the independent voters. It appears as though the first debate moved Obama ahead of McCain in the polls, as Obama now holds an eight point lead. The economy is crumbling - I've even heard rumblings that 401K plans are demolishing. How the fuck does the economy crumble DURING WAR TIME? Unprecedented. Bad economy and war time are not supposed to go together.

Anyway, let's put the politics aside for the time being. Just remember to vote November 4.

Six Flags Great Adventure was a blast, when I went with Mike and Greg two Sundays ago. On Saturday evening, prior to our day at Six Flags, I drove down to Edison to spend the night at Mike's house. We went out to this pub (which I regret I already forgot the name of!) off Route 1 in North Brunswick for dinner. After that, we went back to Mike's house and pretty much called it a night. The following morning, Mike and I left for Jackson around 9AM. On the way to Jackson, before leaving Edison and getting onto the Parkway, we stopped off at Starbucks for breakfast. Mike bought a bagel and what appeared to be a smoothie of some sort, while I purchased a bagel and a tall cup of regular coffee. It got wired for Six Flags during the ride down to Jackson.

Around 10:30, we arrived at the theme park where we met up with Greg who ended up parking in the Preferred Parking area for $25. Mike and I were a bit more economical, setting for the General Parking at $15. Yes, we did go on Kingda Ka and managed not to swallow my tongue when we took off at 125mph! Tell me that's not quite a feat. Not only did we go on Kingda Ka, but Greg, Mike, and I were seated in the front two rows, with Mike and I sitting in the very front row and Greg sitting directly behind Mike. The three of us pitched in for a 6X8 photo of us on the ride.

As soon as Mike scans the photo onto his desktop PC, that picture will be uploaded here at the Blog of Bryan for all of you to see. We also went on Nitro, the Batman ride, American Scream Machine, Dark Knight, and the Superman ride. All of them were thrilling in their own way. Mike and Greg even went on El Toro and Medusa, but by the time we got to those rides, I was 'roller coastered out', for lack of a better term. In addition to that, I was hungry and thirty and wasn't about to pay $10-12 for food and a drunk. Overall, I had a fabulous time at Six Flags. Greg wanted to go on the Safari Ride, but it was discovered after the matter that the safari had closed at 4pm. Before parking ways, the three of us got some food at Wawa.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama vs McCain - Debate #1: Learning from Iraq

A passive Obama? I don't think so, republicans.

Criticism of Obama in the first debate is that he was too reserved, agreed with McCain on too many issues and topics, and was attacked by McCain. I certainly didn't think so, and the following clip illustrates what both candidates learned from the war in Iraq. You're going to have a real uphill climb if your man performs the way he did last night in the next two debates. Foreign policy was supposed to be the issue the older and "more experienced" McCain was more familiar with. A passive Obama? I don't think so, republicans. Passive is wishful thinking. Not passive, just calm, cool, and professional. 99% of these debates is presentation and Senator Obama NAILED it.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Date with Six Flags and Kingdom Ka vastly approaching; disgustions of B-Money's 28th already taking effect!

My birthday might look like the Emmy Awards. Everybody shows up, looking sexy and fresh to death, and we all just.... celebrate!

Sitting here, on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, watching Simpsons: The Movie on HBO Zone. When I got up this morning, I had a nice chat with Beanie on AIM. I haven't seen her in a couple months, but we'll all be hanging out again soon at Mike's Halloween get together down at the beach house in Lavallette. We had a little chat about Halloween, as well as my much anticipated 28th birthday ultra spectacle of an extravaganza. It is going to be a classy event, no doubt.

Beanie: we all need to look hot for your birthday
Beanie: no stewie te-shirts
Beanie: no goth hawiian, no miami vice shit
Beanie: no comfort casual or me
B-Money: thats a hot idea... looking hot for the 28th BMoney Bday Ultra Spectacle
Beanie: exactly
B-Money: well, I was gonna wear a speedo
B-Money: but
Beanie: we're gonna be the hottest m'f'ers this side of the coast
B-Money: I get BD!!!!
Beanie: YEAH!
Beanie: KHOLS!
Beanie: bryan
Beanie: can I please force our friends into a looking good occassion dressed by me
B-Money: yeah I will def bring that up... I mean, you are the mother figure of the group.... and me, I'm Papa B-Money.

Moments later...

B-Money: my bday might look like the emmy awards... everybody shows up, looking sexy and fresh to death, and we all just.... celebrate
Beanie: lol
Beanie: yes
B-Money: i want everyone to come out and have fun
B-Money: that's my goal
Beanie: tell everyone that the dress code is Classy sophisticaed
Beanie: but sexy
B-Money: then everyone can stay with me
B-Money: afterwards
Beanie: emphasize the classy
B-Money: and sleep in my bed with me... there's plenty of room for everyone in that shack of love.

Following my spirited instant message conversation with the Beanster, I was in the mood for coffee, so I went to Starbucks and noticed that they once again serve the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Being that fall is once again here, and they're serving that beverage again, I ordered a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was delicious, as I love coffee. In a few hours, I'll be heading down to Edison to spend the night with Crazy Mike at his home in Edison. Tomorrow morning, as you are well aware, is our Six Flags trip. Props to Greg Root for getting us $35 tickets at Costco.

Ohhhhh, Kingdom Ka. I got a date with you tomorrow morning at 10:30. Biggest and fastest rollercoaster in the country, but I'm still going to make you my little whore, as you toss me around Jackson, NJ, you Ka fucker!

Friday, September 19, 2008

When the working week is done, B-Money just wants to have fun!

You can tell that I am really trying to be alert, aware, and awake at work when I start drinking the coffee black. Yes, throughout the week I wasn't even bothering to put creme or sugar in my coffee. I was drinking that shit straight up! Today I managed a good creamer in the fridge in break room that I used for my coffee - it was really tasty and it hit the spot. Having said that, let's focus on the present. Another work week is over, the weekend is now here, and I am thrilled that it is a Friday. Thank God it's Friday. This is yet another blessed weekend, but it's also Six Flags weekend. I look forward to going there on Sunday morning. I'll be leaving for Edison tomorrow evening to spend the night at Mike's place, then we're going to leave on Sunday morning to meet up with the Rootman at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six Flags rescheduled, Halloween weekend, and other fun shit coming up!

It appears as though our Six Flags Great Adventure trip has been rescheduled for this Sunday. I'm looking forward to spending an eventful, adventurous, and luxurious day at one of the greatest theme parks in the country.

Just as was the case prior to the postponement, I will be going on Kingdom Ka. It is the first ride that Greg, Mike, and I will be hitting up when we arrive at Six Flags. There's a chance that Ray and Mel will be joining us as well, but that is not yet set in stone. In any case, I'm glad we were able to reschedule that event.

Halloween is about a month and a half away from now, and as it looks at this time, we'll all be heading down to Mike's Lavallette beach house for a weekend of Halloween fun and enjoyment. I believe Joey Harrison's Surf Club will once again be holding a costume contest there, but I am not going to spill beans as to what I'm dressing up as just yet. My costume is being reserved as a surprise to those at hand. Surf Club, I would say, is one of the better clubs down there - at least when they aren't having their teen nights. No teens for me - no thank you! LOL.

Furthermore, I'm basically anticipating a leisurely weekend down there in Lavallette/Seaside Heights. Ya'll know that happens to be one of my favorite areas of Jerz, along with the P-town/Stockton College area and the towns and cities surrounding that location. There aren't too many times that I'm down in those necks of woods, during which I do not have a good time. On Saturday of that weekend, we're taking a day trip out to New Hope, PA just to hang out, maybe check out some sights along the way, and even hit some some bars for a couple drinks or go out for dinner. Tentative plans for Halloween weekend, much to my liking.

One weekend later, on one of the biggest nights during one of the biggest times of the year as always, B-Money will be celebrating his 28th birthday! Can you believe that? The celebration itself, along with the fact that it's my birthday and I made it yet another year, will surely make the whole entire event quite a spectacle to behold. Any type of event with the sole focus based around me me is kind of a big deal! haha. In terms of the venue at which it will be held, that has not been decided as yet. I'm still in the process of selecting venue that the most people will be able to attend commute wise.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Civil service exam was easy for me!

What's up fuckers? Happy Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, my laptop is acting up, so I have to get it sent in for a repair. Fortunately, the laptop is still under warranty so I shouldn't have much trouble getting it repaired for free - I hope.

This past Thursday night, at Colts Neck High School, I did take my Civil Service exam for the Claims Adjudicator Trainee position that I applied for with the state. These civil service exams, most of them anyway, usually have nothing to do with the position one applies for. This exam that I took was no different, as it was a rather easy logic and reasoning test. It would conflict of interest for me to get too detailed about material covered on the exam, but lets just say I feel as though I did very well on it.

Claiming a couple weeks ago here at Blog of Bryan that it would be another exam for me to ace, I confidently feel as though I did as much. I should be getting the results anytime in the next eight to 10 weeks. I'm definitely feeling like it's at least a 90%, but we will see soon enough!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I absolutely fucking love Priya Rai!

This post is regarding a beautiful pornstar, truly a B-Money and Blog of Bryan favorite.

Gentlemen, if you are advocates of pornography, I advise you to read on. If you're a touchy and stuffy little moon cricket, you can leave. LOL. Simple as that. That is why I have the Disclaimer at the top of the page.

I have to put these plugs in here at Blog of Bryan. There are so many porn stars out there, some of which probably have no business being performers in the industry. Some of them are really hot. My absolute favorite is this Indian goddess, Priya Rai. She's phenomenal looking; she's def my primary mode of eye candy on the world wide web. I think I'm in love. I would really like to get some of THAT!

Alright I'm getting just a little carried away with myself here. Anyway...

Here are some plugs I want to put out there for any of you porngraphic fans and viewers. Check out:

So gorgeous; sensuous curves on that beautiful body. I rank her a perfect 10.

Long awaited return to SM23!

Focus on prosperity grows even sharper!

Last night, I made another return to the dark and seductive SM23 at Headquarters Plaza in Morristown. This time it was for Billy D's friend Lindsay's birthday celebration.

I'm a fan of SM23, dating back to the first time I went there back in January, and I was delighted to be back there again last night. SM23 may in fact be the location of my big 28th birthday location this year, as was briefly speculated and discussed last night. Erwin Ruff was present at the lounge with his wife Roula; they're expecting a baby girl. Congratulations to both of them. Billy G was also in attendance, as was Roger for a brief period of time. Roger looked pretty trendy, sporting a brown corduroy jacket, and seemed to be in good spirits. It was nice to see him again as well.

Throughout the evening, I only ended up having three drinks - two Sam Adams Boston Lagers and a Long Island Ice Tea. The drinks there are a bit on the pricey side, but I still enjoy the experience of being there and hanging out with friends or even a date for that matter. At the end of the evening, when we were all leaving and attempting to exit the parking garage, we all noticed that the booth attendant who takes the parking tickets and the parking fee was not there!

As folks began to grow impatient, I suddenly unbuckled my seat belt and got out of my car to go over and manually lift up the stick that the attendant normally elevates after one has paid one's parking fee. Hey, what else was I supposed to do in that instance? They can't keep us in the parking the garage the entire night! Billy D, who was going home in a separate car, texted me moments later saying, "u hero - save day." I would certainly agree with his sentiments. LOL.

Prosperity is what I continue to focus on. What lies ahead is what ignites my desire and determination to get these bills paid away and start saving some money. This whole path the prosperity truly began when ended up beating my appeals tribunal hearing back in July, which was a big victory for me this year. 2008 is shaping up to be a fine year and will continue to do so. My performances at work will improve gradually with each passing week, as I continue to keep the money coming in. I am doing a fabulous job of maintaining my debt repayment program that I established for myself. At the same time, I focus on being prosperous.

Throughout the summer, while focusing on improving my lifestyle and minimizing my debt, I've gone to Philly a couple of times and went clubbing. I walked around South Street with some friends of mine and was pleased to enjoy some of the finer things life has to offer. This is what I am thankful for. This is what drives me each and every day when things have a tendency to get challenging and borderline intolerable at the work place. The prosperous, enjoyable, and fruitful lifestyle. The wealth of close friends.

Being at events, whether it be birthdays at classy lounges (as was the case last night), or just a regular night at a bar somewhere. This is what I have to be thankful for at this time. I will focus on this as I maintain my repayment program and I will continue to have the fun and exciting times that I am entitled to have.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Trip to Six Flags postponed!

Mike and I decided to postpone our trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, originally intended to happen to tomorrow. Due to Hurricane Hanna gracefully making her way up the coast, we certainly would want the effects of a storm draining such an enjoyable day spent at a theme park like Great Adventure of it's luster. Our trip will probably be rescheduled for either next Sunday or the Sunday after that.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bracing myself for Six Flags on Sunday!

I'll be going on Kingdom Ka!

This Sunday, I will be spending the day with Mike and Greg at Six Flags Great Adventure. I'll probably be driving down to Lavallette on Saturday evening to spend the night at Mike's beach house. On Sunday morning, the two of us will leave to meet up with Greg at Six Flags in Jackson. It is going to be a marvelous day well spent riding roller coasters and checking out all of the attractions and stores located throughout the theme park. One of the roller coasters I will be going on, which happens to be the biggest and fastest in the country, is Kingdom Ka. A lot of people claim it's overrated. Should I get on that ride, go to the top of every bit of it's 456ft, and come down at full speed over 100 mph, I certainly won't be one of the ones claiming it's overrated when I'm shitting my pants and trying to bring my heart palpitations down afterwards. I'm looking forward to the thrill of the day, as I haven't been to Six Flags in approximately 15 years!

Go see Step Brothers!

This past weekend, when Mike came up to D-town to spend the day with me, we went to the AMC theater over at the Rockaway Mall to see Step Brothers starring Will Ferrell (one of my favorites) and John C. Reilly.

The basic plot deals with two guys, Brennan Huff (Ferrell) and Dale Doback (Reilly). Brennan is a sporadically unemployed 39 year old who lives at home with his mother Nancy. Dale is terminally unemployed 40 year old who lives at home with his father Robert. When Nancy and Robert get married, Brennan and Dale are forced to live with one another and even share a bedroom.

The shit that happens to this dysfunctional wreck of a family throughout the movie is hysterical. I won't kill the story or the quotes for any of you, but I will suggest that you go see this movie -- especially if you are a Will Ferrell fan. Lately his movies have been hit or miss to some extent, but this was probably his best movie since Blades of Glory, or even Achorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (which I think is an all-time classic of Ferrell's).

The woman who plays Nancy is such a MILF! I can only hope that my wife, if I ever find the right woman to stay with and eventually marry, is 1/4 as hot as this woman is when she hits 55 years of age!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day: Tribute to what was a fabulous summer!

I hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day. Even those who had to go into work today, hopefully you didn't work too hard. On my day off from work I went out for a drive toward NYC, although I did not quite reach the George Washington Bridge and go into the city. I got off Interstate 80 at about Exit 61 and went back home via the Garden State Parkway. This was just one of those beautiful days that I wanted to take advantage of by being out and about and going on a nice ride.

When I got back home, I fired up the grill and had a little Labor Day BBQ out on the deck. Along with the BBQ, I bought a 6 pack of Heineken and enjoyed it with my food outside on what was a gorgeous sunny day. Eventually, I got the point where I was falling asleep out on the deck (due to the combination of me getting up too damn early this morning, the beer consumption, the relaxation I was experiencing outside), so I came back inside, walked into my room, and ever so eloquently passed out on my bed. LOL. I took a nap that lasted for about two hours, woke up realizing that I had just lost two hours of the day, and got my ass out of bed. I was thrilled that I did not have to go to work today, but I'm still a little sad that my favorite season is practically over.

Labor Day seemed to come and go so quickly! The same could be said for the summer as well, but I must say that I had a terrific summer. This was an excellent summer and I applause the good times I had as well as those marvelous summer months that were truly great to me. Looking back at those months, I reminisce about the nights I went to the Stonefire in Randolph, a bar that I was introduced to early in the summer, on Thursday nights. I remember a couple of those weekends when I went to Pleasant Acres in Sussex County with the Bills, the big four day weekend at Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house at the end of July (one of the best weekends of the summer), as well as 4th of July weekend down at his house in Edison. Greg Root's pool party in Cinnaminson last weekend, as well Mel's 21st Birthday a few weeks ago. On both of those occasions, we managed to hit up Fluid Nightclub in Philly.

My love for Philly rose to another level this summer, as I enjoyed going to Fluid Nightclub as well as my little visit to Condom Kingdom and walking around South Street at night with good friends of mine. We even made it down to Wildwood during the weekend of Mike's Lavallette get together. Overall, over all, the beach, the bars, the clubs, the month and a half unemployment-paid semi retirement that I had the benefit of enjoying, winning that appeal tribunal hearing against my former employer (STOMPED THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!), and being able to go see all of those summer blockbuster movies at the theaters made for a truly awesome summer. I saw a number of really good movies this summer, including but not limited to Hancock, The Dark Knight, Don't Mess with the Zohan, Wanted, Tropic Thunder, and Step Brothers (saw that one yesterday with Mike when he came to visit me).

Here's a BLOG OF BRYAN moment of thanks for an enjoyable and memorable Summer 2008, blowing summer 2007 out of the water! Thank you God!