Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bracing myself for Six Flags on Sunday!

I'll be going on Kingdom Ka!

This Sunday, I will be spending the day with Mike and Greg at Six Flags Great Adventure. I'll probably be driving down to Lavallette on Saturday evening to spend the night at Mike's beach house. On Sunday morning, the two of us will leave to meet up with Greg at Six Flags in Jackson. It is going to be a marvelous day well spent riding roller coasters and checking out all of the attractions and stores located throughout the theme park. One of the roller coasters I will be going on, which happens to be the biggest and fastest in the country, is Kingdom Ka. A lot of people claim it's overrated. Should I get on that ride, go to the top of every bit of it's 456ft, and come down at full speed over 100 mph, I certainly won't be one of the ones claiming it's overrated when I'm shitting my pants and trying to bring my heart palpitations down afterwards. I'm looking forward to the thrill of the day, as I haven't been to Six Flags in approximately 15 years!

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