Sunday, September 14, 2008

Civil service exam was easy for me!

What's up fuckers? Happy Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, my laptop is acting up, so I have to get it sent in for a repair. Fortunately, the laptop is still under warranty so I shouldn't have much trouble getting it repaired for free - I hope.

This past Thursday night, at Colts Neck High School, I did take my Civil Service exam for the Claims Adjudicator Trainee position that I applied for with the state. These civil service exams, most of them anyway, usually have nothing to do with the position one applies for. This exam that I took was no different, as it was a rather easy logic and reasoning test. It would conflict of interest for me to get too detailed about material covered on the exam, but lets just say I feel as though I did very well on it.

Claiming a couple weeks ago here at Blog of Bryan that it would be another exam for me to ace, I confidently feel as though I did as much. I should be getting the results anytime in the next eight to 10 weeks. I'm definitely feeling like it's at least a 90%, but we will see soon enough!

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