Saturday, September 20, 2008

Date with Six Flags and Kingdom Ka vastly approaching; disgustions of B-Money's 28th already taking effect!

My birthday might look like the Emmy Awards. Everybody shows up, looking sexy and fresh to death, and we all just.... celebrate!

Sitting here, on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, watching Simpsons: The Movie on HBO Zone. When I got up this morning, I had a nice chat with Beanie on AIM. I haven't seen her in a couple months, but we'll all be hanging out again soon at Mike's Halloween get together down at the beach house in Lavallette. We had a little chat about Halloween, as well as my much anticipated 28th birthday ultra spectacle of an extravaganza. It is going to be a classy event, no doubt.

Beanie: we all need to look hot for your birthday
Beanie: no stewie te-shirts
Beanie: no goth hawiian, no miami vice shit
Beanie: no comfort casual or me
B-Money: thats a hot idea... looking hot for the 28th BMoney Bday Ultra Spectacle
Beanie: exactly
B-Money: well, I was gonna wear a speedo
B-Money: but
Beanie: we're gonna be the hottest m'f'ers this side of the coast
B-Money: I get BD!!!!
Beanie: YEAH!
Beanie: KHOLS!
Beanie: bryan
Beanie: can I please force our friends into a looking good occassion dressed by me
B-Money: yeah I will def bring that up... I mean, you are the mother figure of the group.... and me, I'm Papa B-Money.

Moments later...

B-Money: my bday might look like the emmy awards... everybody shows up, looking sexy and fresh to death, and we all just.... celebrate
Beanie: lol
Beanie: yes
B-Money: i want everyone to come out and have fun
B-Money: that's my goal
Beanie: tell everyone that the dress code is Classy sophisticaed
Beanie: but sexy
B-Money: then everyone can stay with me
B-Money: afterwards
Beanie: emphasize the classy
B-Money: and sleep in my bed with me... there's plenty of room for everyone in that shack of love.

Following my spirited instant message conversation with the Beanster, I was in the mood for coffee, so I went to Starbucks and noticed that they once again serve the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Being that fall is once again here, and they're serving that beverage again, I ordered a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was delicious, as I love coffee. In a few hours, I'll be heading down to Edison to spend the night with Crazy Mike at his home in Edison. Tomorrow morning, as you are well aware, is our Six Flags trip. Props to Greg Root for getting us $35 tickets at Costco.

Ohhhhh, Kingdom Ka. I got a date with you tomorrow morning at 10:30. Biggest and fastest rollercoaster in the country, but I'm still going to make you my little whore, as you toss me around Jackson, NJ, you Ka fucker!

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