Monday, September 29, 2008

Economy falls, but memories of Six Flags are still grand!

From Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, from surplus to economic crisis - that's what you call progress manifesting from successful leadership of our country. NOT! Unfortunately the US House rejected the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.

If I can bare any moral comfort from this economic crisis, it's that I wasn't one of the 51% who voted GWB back into office in 2004! Friday night's debate may very well have swung many of the independent voters. It appears as though the first debate moved Obama ahead of McCain in the polls, as Obama now holds an eight point lead. The economy is crumbling - I've even heard rumblings that 401K plans are demolishing. How the fuck does the economy crumble DURING WAR TIME? Unprecedented. Bad economy and war time are not supposed to go together.

Anyway, let's put the politics aside for the time being. Just remember to vote November 4.

Six Flags Great Adventure was a blast, when I went with Mike and Greg two Sundays ago. On Saturday evening, prior to our day at Six Flags, I drove down to Edison to spend the night at Mike's house. We went out to this pub (which I regret I already forgot the name of!) off Route 1 in North Brunswick for dinner. After that, we went back to Mike's house and pretty much called it a night. The following morning, Mike and I left for Jackson around 9AM. On the way to Jackson, before leaving Edison and getting onto the Parkway, we stopped off at Starbucks for breakfast. Mike bought a bagel and what appeared to be a smoothie of some sort, while I purchased a bagel and a tall cup of regular coffee. It got wired for Six Flags during the ride down to Jackson.

Around 10:30, we arrived at the theme park where we met up with Greg who ended up parking in the Preferred Parking area for $25. Mike and I were a bit more economical, setting for the General Parking at $15. Yes, we did go on Kingda Ka and managed not to swallow my tongue when we took off at 125mph! Tell me that's not quite a feat. Not only did we go on Kingda Ka, but Greg, Mike, and I were seated in the front two rows, with Mike and I sitting in the very front row and Greg sitting directly behind Mike. The three of us pitched in for a 6X8 photo of us on the ride.

As soon as Mike scans the photo onto his desktop PC, that picture will be uploaded here at the Blog of Bryan for all of you to see. We also went on Nitro, the Batman ride, American Scream Machine, Dark Knight, and the Superman ride. All of them were thrilling in their own way. Mike and Greg even went on El Toro and Medusa, but by the time we got to those rides, I was 'roller coastered out', for lack of a better term. In addition to that, I was hungry and thirty and wasn't about to pay $10-12 for food and a drunk. Overall, I had a fabulous time at Six Flags. Greg wanted to go on the Safari Ride, but it was discovered after the matter that the safari had closed at 4pm. Before parking ways, the three of us got some food at Wawa.

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