Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day: Tribute to what was a fabulous summer!

I hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day. Even those who had to go into work today, hopefully you didn't work too hard. On my day off from work I went out for a drive toward NYC, although I did not quite reach the George Washington Bridge and go into the city. I got off Interstate 80 at about Exit 61 and went back home via the Garden State Parkway. This was just one of those beautiful days that I wanted to take advantage of by being out and about and going on a nice ride.

When I got back home, I fired up the grill and had a little Labor Day BBQ out on the deck. Along with the BBQ, I bought a 6 pack of Heineken and enjoyed it with my food outside on what was a gorgeous sunny day. Eventually, I got the point where I was falling asleep out on the deck (due to the combination of me getting up too damn early this morning, the beer consumption, the relaxation I was experiencing outside), so I came back inside, walked into my room, and ever so eloquently passed out on my bed. LOL. I took a nap that lasted for about two hours, woke up realizing that I had just lost two hours of the day, and got my ass out of bed. I was thrilled that I did not have to go to work today, but I'm still a little sad that my favorite season is practically over.

Labor Day seemed to come and go so quickly! The same could be said for the summer as well, but I must say that I had a terrific summer. This was an excellent summer and I applause the good times I had as well as those marvelous summer months that were truly great to me. Looking back at those months, I reminisce about the nights I went to the Stonefire in Randolph, a bar that I was introduced to early in the summer, on Thursday nights. I remember a couple of those weekends when I went to Pleasant Acres in Sussex County with the Bills, the big four day weekend at Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house at the end of July (one of the best weekends of the summer), as well as 4th of July weekend down at his house in Edison. Greg Root's pool party in Cinnaminson last weekend, as well Mel's 21st Birthday a few weeks ago. On both of those occasions, we managed to hit up Fluid Nightclub in Philly.

My love for Philly rose to another level this summer, as I enjoyed going to Fluid Nightclub as well as my little visit to Condom Kingdom and walking around South Street at night with good friends of mine. We even made it down to Wildwood during the weekend of Mike's Lavallette get together. Overall, over all, the beach, the bars, the clubs, the month and a half unemployment-paid semi retirement that I had the benefit of enjoying, winning that appeal tribunal hearing against my former employer (STOMPED THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!), and being able to go see all of those summer blockbuster movies at the theaters made for a truly awesome summer. I saw a number of really good movies this summer, including but not limited to Hancock, The Dark Knight, Don't Mess with the Zohan, Wanted, Tropic Thunder, and Step Brothers (saw that one yesterday with Mike when he came to visit me).

Here's a BLOG OF BRYAN moment of thanks for an enjoyable and memorable Summer 2008, blowing summer 2007 out of the water! Thank you God!

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