Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama vs McCain - Debate #1: Learning from Iraq

A passive Obama? I don't think so, republicans.

Criticism of Obama in the first debate is that he was too reserved, agreed with McCain on too many issues and topics, and was attacked by McCain. I certainly didn't think so, and the following clip illustrates what both candidates learned from the war in Iraq. You're going to have a real uphill climb if your man performs the way he did last night in the next two debates. Foreign policy was supposed to be the issue the older and "more experienced" McCain was more familiar with. A passive Obama? I don't think so, republicans. Passive is wishful thinking. Not passive, just calm, cool, and professional. 99% of these debates is presentation and Senator Obama NAILED it.



Ben Subercaseaux said...

McCain looked like a scared little puppy while up on the podium. He got scared on Wednesday when he tried to postpone the debate and then became so frightened on the day of the debate that he had to keep telling himself... "Don't look at Obama. Don't look at Obama."

How can you not even look at your opponent during a debate? And McCain thinks he can sit down with Ahmadinejad face to face? He can't even look at his US opponent.

The debate wasn't even close. Obama won in every category - composure, confidence, delivery, logic, insight, you name it. I used to think that being a republican was a political affiliation.... now I know that it is a mentality.... a mentality founded on ignorance and powered by stubbornness.

Open your eyes republicans. Don't be so damn selfish and give this country what it needs.

Bryan "B-Money" Bradley said...

He looked like a bitter, defeated, and washed up POW of yester year. Presentation was very poor, where Obama's was crisp, cool, and professional.