Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six Flags rescheduled, Halloween weekend, and other fun shit coming up!

It appears as though our Six Flags Great Adventure trip has been rescheduled for this Sunday. I'm looking forward to spending an eventful, adventurous, and luxurious day at one of the greatest theme parks in the country.

Just as was the case prior to the postponement, I will be going on Kingdom Ka. It is the first ride that Greg, Mike, and I will be hitting up when we arrive at Six Flags. There's a chance that Ray and Mel will be joining us as well, but that is not yet set in stone. In any case, I'm glad we were able to reschedule that event.

Halloween is about a month and a half away from now, and as it looks at this time, we'll all be heading down to Mike's Lavallette beach house for a weekend of Halloween fun and enjoyment. I believe Joey Harrison's Surf Club will once again be holding a costume contest there, but I am not going to spill beans as to what I'm dressing up as just yet. My costume is being reserved as a surprise to those at hand. Surf Club, I would say, is one of the better clubs down there - at least when they aren't having their teen nights. No teens for me - no thank you! LOL.

Furthermore, I'm basically anticipating a leisurely weekend down there in Lavallette/Seaside Heights. Ya'll know that happens to be one of my favorite areas of Jerz, along with the P-town/Stockton College area and the towns and cities surrounding that location. There aren't too many times that I'm down in those necks of woods, during which I do not have a good time. On Saturday of that weekend, we're taking a day trip out to New Hope, PA just to hang out, maybe check out some sights along the way, and even hit some some bars for a couple drinks or go out for dinner. Tentative plans for Halloween weekend, much to my liking.

One weekend later, on one of the biggest nights during one of the biggest times of the year as always, B-Money will be celebrating his 28th birthday! Can you believe that? The celebration itself, along with the fact that it's my birthday and I made it yet another year, will surely make the whole entire event quite a spectacle to behold. Any type of event with the sole focus based around me me is kind of a big deal! haha. In terms of the venue at which it will be held, that has not been decided as yet. I'm still in the process of selecting venue that the most people will be able to attend commute wise.

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