Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eager to attend Bamboo on All Hallows Eve!

I'm appreciate these weekends more and more with each passing week. Today just happens to be one of those good fall Saturday afternoons, but there are a couple of anticipated events upcoming.

Halloween night happens to fall on a Friday this year, so I'll be heading down to Seaside on Friday after I get out of work. Why am I going down to Seaside? A number of us will be attending Bamboo for a Halloween costume contest! Those attending will be Mike, Colleen, Raph, possibly Greg, Ray and Mel, and myself.

I'm keeping my costume a surprise to the general public, but expect to see some pictures of me wearing my costume the next day. We all know that Halloween is that time of year when kids look forward to get dressing up in scary costumes to go out trick or treating on Halloween night. It's a night of ghosts, goblins, skeletons, jack o lanterns, and all of that scary and festive jazz. However, for this adult on Halloween night, it'll be about Bamboo and seeing all of those hot young ladies wearing costumes to reveal their gorgeous flesh.

Lets face it, ladies and gentlemen. On Halloween, with our erotic-thinking minds, the hormones tend to take over and get the better of us sex-craved adults. What was once a cute and innocent black kitty cat costume for your cute average little seven year old girl, transcends twenty years later - with physical maturity having already taken place - into a set a black cat ears, a tight black push up bra to make those mammories all the more obvious, round voluptuous ass cheeks sticking out, and maybe for the sake of it actually being Halloween, a hot little tail popping out of the g-string.

What I'm saying is, it's an evening on which ladies love to show off their bodies, if they are fortunate enough to have the hardware to do so. My friends and fans, that is the ideal setting and sexual type of masquerade for a handsome, good looking stallion like myself to indulge in, as I truly look forward to going to the club sporting my perverted Halloween costume while playing into the eye candy, and keeping my eyes fixed on those sexy Halloween mistresses while enjoying a few adult beverages. Trick or treat???? Ahhhh, give me a hot trick. HAHAHA. Friday, October 31 will also be a chance for me to make my DEBUT at Bamboo - that's right, I said debut - as I have never before been to Bamboo! A chance for me to be seen at Bamboo, as well as check out these beautiful sexy women. What better a night to make such a debut than on Halloween night?

I'm looking forward to Halloween weekend at Mike's Lavallette beach house with the rest of gang. It's going to be a super sensational event, which is a worthy preliminary festivity leading up to my much anticipated 28th birthday celebration extravaganza taking place in Morristown one week after Halloween weekend. Much is on the table for B-Money, as well as those around B-Money, in the upcoming weeks. After about a month of laying low and saving some cash, it's time to PARTY ON!

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