Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm down here in Lavallette right at this very moment and I feel sensational. Drinking some wine, as well as some beer, and getting ready to party on All Hallows Eve, I'm content. Beanie was courteous enough to drive me down here.

She picked me up from house around 3:15 PM. I got out of work at 1:30 PM. It felt great. I was delighted to get out of work soooo early. In a little while, we'll be heading out to Bamboo for the costume contest. I'm drinking a glass of 2007 Black Swan Shiraz. There's a number of good folks here with us, including Mike, Beanie, Greg Root, Ray, Mel, and Mike's brother Chris. Raph JUST arrived, so I want to go out to the living room and greet him.

Everyone have a Happy Halloween, be safe, and to all you little trick or treaters, do NOT bite into any apples before you thoroughly examine them. This is the the big Halloween bash; I look forward to going to Bamboo and finding myself some banging hot chicks. Beanie just asked, "what time time is it?" Mike replied, "Who the fuck knows"! HAHAHA Time for some more Bud Light Lime and Shiras. Happy Halloween fuckers!

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