Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A happy hump day perspective of the upcoming Halloween weekend!

We're in the middle of the week, and right now I feel tremendous. Tomorrow is one more regular sized day on the grind at work. After that, I have a nice calm, shortened work day on Friday, a day on which I will depart from work at 1:30 PM so I can make it home in time for Beanie to pick me up at my house.

This coming weekend is going to be super sensational. Lavallette is a beautiful little Jersey shore island, even on the off season when it's not summer time. Returning to the Jersey Shore in the next couple of days is certainly a thrill, as is usually the case, that I am eagerly anticipating. B-Money has gotten his money game back on track for the moment. When fall and winter come around, we have that area to ourselves for the most part. Now that is a person who truly loves the shore; a person who goes there throughout the off season as well as the prime of the summer. That's me folks. That's B-Money.

Bamboo is not going to be filled with the fist pumpers that pack the house in throughout the summer. With the money game back in order, comes a glowing B-Money who's gradually beginning to live up to his name. With those accolades come the confident and happy B-Money swagger. This hot young stallion will be entering Bamboo on Friday night, walking with a swagger that he hasn't had for a little while now. Halloween night is going to be off the hook ladies and gentlemen.

Whenever I go down to the shore and spend an eventful and adventurous weekend with some great and loyal friends, I seem to get that party swagger about me. I'm young, handsome, incredibly perceptive, and I honestly do not feel like a man who is going to be turning 28 years old one week from today. I actually feel younger than that.

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