Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memorable dinner with Billy D!

Earlier this evening, I met up with best friend Billy D for a stuffed slice at M&S II. Hard to believe eight or nine years later we're STILL going to the same pizza parlor for the exact same meal. LOL.

During the meal, Billy D came out with what may have been the wisest and most wisdom filled quote in my recent memory, as he boldly and sincerely exclaimed, "Country is going through hard times. Our economic hardships are going to get worse before they get better. We need a hero kid, and your big birthday is coming up, so that hero just might be you!" Who would've thought anybody would try to turn my much anticipated birthday celebration into a national treasure of sorts???? LMAO. He's obviously super psyched about it, as many of those around me are excited.

Come November 8, it's going to be an extravaganza the likes of which Morristown has not previously seen before. When all is said and done, those fortunate enough to attend - folks from various locations with different beliefs, values, morals, all knowing me from different places and points in history, but all close to me in some form - will remember for a very long time that they all unified and came together to march through the streets of Motown with the birthday man and legend, Bryan B-Money Bradley, in a classic action packed legendary night of excitement that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Many will come together, in anticipation of being a part of the B-Money experience. Billy D has also sent a picture message of me, with music playing, to all of the people we know - notifying them of my birthday celebration at George and Marthas.

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