Monday, October 20, 2008

My return to Miami Mike's for Hopkins vs Pavlik!

Story of a 43 year old ring legend who continues to defy Father Time. Incredible. This man never ceases to amaze me!

Saturday night of this past weekend, I made a grand return to Miami Mike's to catch the Pavlik/Hopkins PPV telecast. What was about a $50 PPV show, I paid a $5.00 cover to watch at the bar. Pretty reasonable deal, don't you think?

As usual, I ran into Miami Mike himself and he was courteous enough to come over to me, shake hands, and say hello, realizing that I have more or less become a regular guest at his establishment. History was made on this particular evening, as 4:1 underdog and 43 year old ring legend Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins shocked the word by dominating and outworking the previously undefeated 26 year old rising superstar Kelly Pavlik.

Most observers believed Pavlik would be too strong and aggressive the older fighter. Even Pavlik's long time trainer, Jack Lowe, was confident and sure that his charge would be the first to knock Hopkins out. Pavlik never even came close to doing such, as Hopkins won practically every minute of every round with lateral movement, tight defense, and crisp counter punches. Pavlik rarely ever got his hands on The Executioner!

What a virtuoso masterpiece by the Hopkins, a legend who has once again defied Father Time! I am man enough to admit that I was wrong in picking Pavlik, but I was pretty happy to be wrong, as I am an avid Hopkins supporter. The man who whooped Tarver's ass a little over two years ago had once again returned to the ring and did the same thing Pavlik - in fact, I think he beat Pavlik even worse than he had beaten Tarver.

Here we have a 43 year old Executioner, still at the top of his game, competing with and beating some of the best young fighters in the world today. Can we say "ALL TIME GREAT"??? Anybody who is a boxing fan should appreciate Hopkins as long as he's still active and able to compete as he is now. Once he's gone, there probably won't be another in the sport in this sport quite like him for years to come - probably not for the rest of my life time.

Another terrific fight night at Miami Mike's for yours truly. In all likelihood, I will be going back there to watch De la hoya/Pacquiao on December 6.

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