Monday, October 27, 2008

Our pumpkin chucking, corn field mazing Sunday!

My Sunday this past weekend was well spent, as I drove up to Blairstown to spend the day with Beanie, Mike, and Raph. Around this time of the year, when Halloween is approaching, Blairstown is an ideal place to have a friendly get together. Referred to by many as the place where "fun goes to die" or "West Bumblefuck", it also happens to be the town where scenes from the classic horror film Friday the 13th were filmed.

Along the way to Beanie's, I picked Raph up from his house in Budd Lake and we made our way to Blairstown. Mike also came up from Edison for the day, but not before taking Garden State Parkway South for about 15 minutes before he realized that he was going in the wrong direction! LMAO. I didn't let Mike hear the end of it yesterday, but it's all good. We all got somewhat of a laugh out of it. The important thing is that Mike safely made his way to Beanie's house. Once we were all at Beanie's, we decided to go out for lunch.

After minutes of indecisiveness as to where we were going to have lunch, we all eventually agreed on Ruby Tuesdays. After our meal at Ruby Tuesdays, we went to Coldstone to get some ice cream. I ordered myself a Like It sized Birthday Cake remix. We then proceeded to Lentini Farm in Sussex County located off Rt 94 for some good old pumpkin chucking, which was a major reason why we all got together yesterday. They had a target with a face at one end of the field that said "hit me". On the other end of the field, there were three sling shot thingies that one could chuck their pumpkins from. In the event that anybody managed to nail the "hit me" sign with their pumpkin, they would win a free pumpkin.

One could either chuck a single pumpkin for $1 or get six pumpkins for $5. Beanie, Raph, Mike, and I each paid $5 to get six pumpkins. I managed to shoot a number of them pretty far out into the field, but unfortunately none of them hit the sign. As a grand finale of sorts, we even attempted a group chuck and almost struck the kids next to us with the pumpkin. Ladies and gentlemen, that would not have been a good thing if we hit them. In any event, the pumpkin chucking was a fun activity; one that could probably serve as a decent stress reliever. LOL.

Following our chucking of the little pumpkins, we looked around at some of the bigger sized pumpkins that were for sale on the lot and then we headed back to Beanie's to relax for a little bit. Having watched television for about half an hour, we all went back out to check out this corn field maze that was about 15 minutes away. Scattered throughout the maze, there were twelve trivia questions about America History. In fact, the maze of the corn field spelt God Bless America. It took us quite a while to find all of the spots with the questions. We ended up finding all but one of them; number eight was no where to be found. Still, we had ourselves a little adventure walking around through the corn field maze. The entire day was really Halloween oriented.

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