Saturday, November 29, 2008

Much to anticipate and be thankful for, as we ring in the holiday!

Thanksgiving pretty much came and went, but it was good one just the same. Now I have Christmas and New Years to look forward to, but I will embrace the Christmas holidays with some eggnog, shopping, and Christmas carols in the days and weeks leading up to December 25.

As it turns out, Greg Root will be hosting another Christmas party this year at his family's festive and beautiful little house down in Cinaminson. Greg's Christmas party will be taking place Saturday, December 20. Never fear, I will be bringing down food, drinks, and presents for the crowd at hand. That's how we do every year when it comes to Christmas celebrations. Hats off to Greg for keeping the tradition alive once again this year - the fourth year in a row in fact - for throwing another Christmas party. Everyone who has ever attended his holiday get-togethers has had a blast at his house. Hopefully at some point during that weekend, we can make a special trip to Philly and hit up a club again this year as we did last year.

Following Christmas, we have New Years coming up and the celebration for that will once again take place at Crazy Mike's beach house down in Lavallette. Props to Mike for once again hosting that event this year. I love Lavallette, all the Wawas, Seaside, and the clubs located in and around the area. We're going to have a blast. New Years is one of my favorite times of the year. I always begin to celebrate and anticipate the start of the new year pretty much after Christmas day passes.

News Years marks a new beginning that brings 365 new days, which include a winter, spring, summer, fall, and a chance to change whatever may have gone wrong or didn't go according to plan the previous year. It's also a chance to do certain things one might not have had a chance to do the previous year. Furthermore, I will be off from work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (of course!), New Years Eve, New Years Day, and many of the days surrounding the holidays. For that, I am very thankful and I will live them up with family and friends to the fullest.

This year, rather than going to Sawmill, we will be attending Bamboo on New Years Eve to ring in the dropping of the ball to start 2009. Bamboo gave us all a fun and exciting time on Halloween night last month, but I am anticipating an even BETTER night when we go there on New Years Eve. Plenty of events, gatherings, parties, and holidays to be thankful for as we head deeper and deeper into the winter.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful that I have made it to another Thanksgiving Day *gobble gobble*. This is a day on which I am off from work; in fact I'm off until Monday. Black Friday is tomorrow, so I'm fortunate to not have to be on the roads in that cumbersome traffic. Running a few errands this morning, I noticed that gas is as cheap as $1.57/per gallon. *gobble gobble* What a blessing! I spent $10 on gas and filled more than half of my gas tank. Excellent. I don't want to jinx it though, let's just keep it up with this positive momentum we've been having with the gas prices. Having said that, I hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving. Let the feasting begin!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent series of events Part III: B-Money's 28th birthday celebration!

"My mouth, My EYES!!!!"

My birthday celebration on Saturday, November 8th lived up to all expectations that I and others around me had for it. On Saturday afternoon, Mike, Chris, and Greg were the first people to make their arrival at my house. All of them brought me gifts and/or gift cards, which they did not have to do, but I was quite thankful for. Mike gave me a 12 pack of Guinness along with a gift card to Spencers. Mike's brother Chris got me a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble ($16 of which I spent on Obama's new book), and Greg's gift to me was a red, black, and white Stockton hoodie. I had a Stockton hoodie that was black and white a long time ago, but I'm not quite sure what happened to it. This hoodie that Greg got me, however, is very nice.

I ended up wearing it to work this past Friday. A little later in the day, Ray and Mel showed up. They both got me a drink glass from Atlantic City that says "Shut up and Drink". Very nice gift from the two of them. Eventually we all decided on Cluck U for dinner, which is where Greg would have his memorable 911 wing outburst. Mike was courteous enough (or not, for some of the folks who couldn't handle it, lol) to buy about five 911 wings for each of us to try. I took and wing and had a few bites of it. That shit was pretty hot, but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle or anything that was going to necessarily kill me. Chris, who got some of the sauce on his fingers and accidentally licked it, did not want any part of the wings. Mike ate a wing without any problems or complaints. Ray and Mel had no issues with the 911 wings that they had ordered. That leaves us with Greg, who regretfully took a bite from his 911 wing.

Moments later, I thought Greg was about to have a seizure. He shut his eyes very tightly, started spazzing out as tears ran down his face, and screamed in utter pain, "My mouth, My EYES!!!!" LMAO!!!! It was a sight to be hold, for which I could not keep the smile off my face. At point, in a sad attempt to get the spice off his tongue, Greg started flicking his tongue out of his mouth back and forth in the air, which could be disturbingly misconstrued by so of the folks at Cluck U at that moment. It was hilarious. Eventually Greg, four cups of ice later, was able to calm himself and get some taste back in his mouth. Bitter over the discomfort that the wing caused him, Greg angrily fetched the wing out into the parking lot. Chris asked Greg, "what happens if a bird or an animal eats that now?" Greg replied, "that's their problem." LOL. After dinner, we stopped off at Shoprite Liquors so I could pick up some Yuengling and a bottle of Black Swan Shiraz and Merlot. After all, almost everyone else had brought liquor and I felt obligated as the birthday host to provide some drinks of my own, so I picked up the wine and beer. We all went back to my house and pregamed for about three hours.

Beanie and Raph were unable to come out to Morristown with us that night, due to the fact that they had both caught a really bad cold. However, they managed to come over my house for the pregame party. Beanie got me a beautiful sweater along with a margarita mixer. Billy D, Lindsay, and Billy G also made their way over to my house. That is when the half hour political debate (regarding our new Presidential Elect) started in my kitchen! LOL.

Several times throughout that debate, I got a little too loud and my mother urged me to keep it down as to not irritate Frick and Frack. Eventually the debate came to a close, I won, and that was that. HAHAHA. There is a five minute video showing the highlights of that debate, which Mel managed to record on her camera. She said she would be putting that video on youtube. Once it's uploaded to youtube, you can guarantee that I will post it here on the Blog of Bryan for your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, Greg was busy showing The Root of All Evil to my mother, which happens to be on Youtube. She really seemed to get a kick out of the movie, especially the scene with the Judge Judy prank phone call!

Around 10:30 PM, it was time for all of us to head out to Morristown and continue our festivities at Grasshopper. Originally, it was going to be at George and Marthas, but we all decided on Grasshopper since there was a much better crowd present at the Grasshopper. A few of the folks bought me multiple drinks. Mike managed to score a few girl's numbers, so he was quite satisfied with his first experience at the Grasshopper. After the Grasshopper, we went over to Cluck U, where there was a chick who had just turned 21. I wished her a birthday she shooed me away, and I chumped her for being a bitch by chanting to everyone in the Cluck U that she "had the ass of a seven year old boy". LOL. It was great - she was eventually taken out by the cops, when a cop entered the place asking who had parked their vehicle illegally outside and she told him to shut up. What a super way to conclude my fabulous birthday celebration.

The next day, before everybody parted ways and went back home, we all went to I-Hop for breakfast and then came back to watch Goonies at my house. On a much sadder note, Raph announced that he would be moving back to Georgia that week. Looking back at it in hindsight, he left NJ this past Sunday. He will certainly be missed by all the folks who hung out with him for this past year or so. The Wednesday before he left, we all met up and took Raph to dinner at the Olive Garden as a farewell dinner to him. Hopefully, Raph comes up to Jersey soon and visits all of us. After all, most of his family is based right here in Jersey.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Audacity of Hope - by Barack Obama

Thanks to the Barnes and Noble gift card Mike's brother Chris gave to me for my birthday, I went to Barnes and Noble last night to search for a good book to purchase.

I bought Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope, which is a relatively new release as well as the Illinois Senator and President-Elect's second book release. Originally I was going to purchase the hard cover edition for $25 (which would've spent my entire gift card in one outing), but the cashier was courteous and honest enough to inform me that the store also had a soft cover edition for only $16.

Therefore, I let her grab the soft cover edition for me and I purchased that edition instead. As a result, I still have $9 left on the gift card that can go towards the purchase for another book.

Currently I am reading Audacity of Hope, but I am only about twenty pages into it. As I read more of it, I will be sure to you give you a Blog of Bryan exclusive summary.

Recent series of events Part II: Trip to New Hope, PA on Halloween weekend!

I do realize that I have remained idol as it pertains to updating this page, but I've been a busy man as of late. Each day at work has been practically the same - converting documents and emails to PDF files for these audit packages that we are working on. To be honest, it's pretty easy work for the money I'm pulling in.

Some might say the doc prep project is tedious and repetitious, but I really don't mind it at all. I could either be there working on a special project in a different department, or I could just as easily be one of the 6% currently unemployed in what is currently a shitty economy in our country. As a result of the country's current circumstances, I'm proud to be in the first of the two scenarios I just described and I will continue to bring in that paper dollar as long as I can help it. I've been going to work day to day and continuing to get my money game right, as I strive to rise above my infamous nickname of B-Money. Much has happened in the last two weeks, between Halloween, Barack Obama's electoral victory for the presidency, and my birthday.

Getting back to the Halloween weekend down in Lavallette...

The next morning, after Halloween night at Bamboo, we prepared for our trip out to New Hope, PA. Prior to getting on the road to head for New Hope, we all stopped at Wawa and picked up some breakfast. I didn't get much at the time - just a sandwich, some pepperoni and cheese, coffee, and orange juice. Mike drove Greg, Beanie, Raph and myself, while Ray drove Mel and Chris. After about two hours of being on the road, we arrived in New Hope safe and sound. There's actually a bridge - one that can be driven and walked across - that connected New Hope, PA with Lambertville, NJ, which was pretty cool. We paid for our parking and then 'walked' across to New Hope. Mike, who had previously been in that area before, took us on a walk through one of the trails.

After walking for a while and checking out this really neat antique shop (although New Hope is notorious for antique shops, so this was clearly just one out of a bunch), we decided that it was time to grab a bite to eat. Originally we had intended to do dinner at this place called the Cock and Bull, but there was a huge wait for that restaurant. Instead, we went to this really nice Italian restaurant (I'm ashamed to say that the name of the place escapes me at this moment), but it was a beautiful place with delicious gourmet Italian food. We dined outside; I order spaghetti and meatballs with a glass of Reunite Lambrusco.

Even though winter is vastly approaching and we were freezing our asses off as the night progressed, I still enjoyed the dining experience outside. Throughout the meal, I felt as though I was dining somewhere in Italy. Before heading back to Lavallette, Beanie, Raph, and I stopped off at Starbucks. Beanie got some hot chocolate, while I ordered a tall portion sized Pumpkin Spice Latte. Over all, I would say we had a fun time and adventurous time in New Hope PA.

Upon returning to the beach house in Lavallette, we all managed to play a quick game of Apples to Apples (in which Mike emerged as the victor), before eventually calling it a night.

The next post will go into the details of my birthday party, which took place last Saturday night at the Grasshopper in Morristown, NJ. Prior to the birthday celebration, a number of us went to Cluck U in Randolph for dinner where Greg Root took a bite of a 911 wing and had an interesting and comical reaction to the 911 sauce. More on that later - Stay tuned!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Recent series of events Part I: Halloween at Bamboo!

Between Halloween, the Election, and my birthday, my life has been rather chaotic, but has been a pleasant chaos. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who make my birthday a special one. There were a number of folks who came out for the celebration this past weekend, but we will get to that in just a little bit.

The weekend before this past weekend, I was in Lavallette celebrating Halloween at Bamboo. Halloween just so happened to fall on a Friday this year, which was awesome. I left work at 1:30 PM so I could get home in time for Colleen to pick me up from my house.
After packing a few things, such as my clothes, pillows, costume, and other essentials that I was going to need for the weekend, Colleen arrived at my house around 3PM to get me. I packed my stuff into her car and we headed down to Lavallette together. Once we got there, Greg came out to say hello and Mike, dressed up his chicken costume, also came out to greet us. Shortly after our arrival, we all walked to Wawa to get some dinner and brought it back to the beach house. I was very excited about what the night had in store for us. Ray and Mel showed up a little later in the evening, as did Raph who was unable to take a half day at work.

Following our pregame, we put our costumes on and headed over to Bamboo for Halloween party. Bamboo was only charging a $5 cover, which was pretty reasonable in my opinion. The club was rather empty, but more and more people filed in as the night progressed. At the club, I had a couple beers along with a Long Island Iced Tea, which definitely sent me along my merry drunken way. Some of the girls dancing up the stage were fuckin smokin hot. Rather than hitting on the girls in the crowd on the dance floor, I was mezmorized by the chicks, eights and nines, who were dancing on the stage. As I expected, they were revealing their beautiful flesh through their sexy costumes which really didn't conceal much of their bodies. I was loving the show.

Meanwhile, Greg managed to find himself two girls and actually walked away with them at one point. Mike also managed to get a number. I was the only dipshit who was focusing on the dancers, but what I can I say? I was drunk and heavily entertained by the show. From time to time, a girl would come up to me and touch my sausage, or ask if they could take a picture with me in my costume, which I gladly agreed to. Overall, it was a fun time, but I probably could've worked my game just a little better.

On our way to back to Mike's at the end of the night when the club closed, we made another stop at Wawa to get some food and cigars. This is the part of the evening that I barely remembered, being that I was so drunk from the pregame as well as the drinks I bought at the club. Apparently I ordered a cheesesteak. We also bought a couple boxes of Dutch Masters. As soon as we got back to Mike's, I was so damn drunk and tired that I couldn't even finish my cigar. I lit it up, took a few puffs of it, and that was that. I was hit and ready for bed. Had I puffed anymore of that cigar, I probably would've thrown up and the night wouldn't have ended very well for me. LOL. At that point, I just put the cigar out, saved it for the following day, went inside and passed out on the futon.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Obama wins United State Presidency, with electoral vote count of 349-162! Not even CLOSE!

After getting out of work at 3:30 PM yesterday, I headed straight down to the polls at Dover Middle School to cast my vote. On my way back home, I stopped off at the liquor store to purchase a bottle a wine in celebration of what I believed was going to be a victory for my candidate, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. In my mind, I honestly believed this would be a close race right down the wire. Guess what? This election was NOT CLOSE.

Around 11:15 PM, when the poll results came in for the state of California, elevating Obama's electoral count to 295, I immediately crumbled to my knees and burst into tears of joy right in the middle of my living room. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. McCain didn't even break 170, much less hit the required 270. When the electoral count was completed and tallied up, Obama finished with 349! Percentage wise, Obama finished at 52%, McCain at 46%, with 2% going to Nader. Soooooo many of these republicans voting because they're SCARED to have a Afro/American President, or they're scared of change. The younger conservative voters, who voted for McCain, do not realize that they are in fact MIDDLE CLASS and whatever it was McCain had planned for us DID NOT BENEFIT THEM AT ALL!

Watching the debates, and the campaigns, and all that other political gobbly gook, one could see that Obama actually put some logical thought into a plan and and outline to reshape our country from an economical perspective as well as the war that we're currently fighting in the wrong place for the wrong reasons. The only thing I saw from McCain was constant criticism of Obama - "he's too inexperienced... he doesn't understand.... blah blah blah!" He defied what the Law of Attraction taught, which is not to focus your negative energy on one particular spot.

Furthermore, McCain focused all of his attention on what he thought Obama was doing wrong throughout his campaign, never once giving Americans an idea of how a McCain/Palin ticket might differ from the horrific failure that was the eight year old Bush/Cheney ticket. He never explained that, he never really gave an outline of what he has planned for this country - it was same old shit every time - "I have experience, I'm a former prisoner of war. Obama doesn't understand times like this. Listen to what he's saying, he's too inexperienced..... vote for me, and the troops will come home from Iraq with victory" Same shit in every debate. Very condescending towards Obama, and Americans do not like that shit!

John McCain likes to pretend that this war in Iraq started in 2007! Or even early 2008! It started in 2003. He said the war would be quick and easy. He said we'd be greeted as liberators. From an economic standpoint, he said the economy was in great standing as recently as July of this year. He said back in Oct of 08, three hours before the bailout on Wallstreet, that we were still in good standing - only to retract his statement HOURS later. He was wrong on all counts!

To all of you conservatives, you want to continue to fight a war that's costing our country 10 billion dollars a month, our "Land of the Free" that has dished out such substantial amounts is now going through the biggest economic crisis since The Great Depression, and Iraq - the country we're fighting against AND giving our money (and your diminishing 401K plans) to, is currently enjoying a 79 billion dollar surplus!!!!!!!!!!

There is something VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY WRONG with that picture, and I can't believe EVEN 46% of you are so fucking blind and stupid that you don't see that, as you rapidly lose the funds you have worked so hard for for so many years in your 401K plans! McCain based his campaign around topics that he Obama "doesn't understand" or "isn't experienced enough to understand". What I have just explained regarding the war in Iraq is probably the one thing Obama does not understand - and thankfully he is not alone that regard, as 52% of this country doesn't understand that either!

the question still remains, "Where is Osama Bin Laden?" What happened to all of the JOBS that we had in this country just a few years ago? All of you bitter and salty conservatives seem to know a thing or two about sending those jobs overseas. Bush was the master of that for over eight years!

Economy is what is really hurting us right now, and McCain proved that he hasn't got a CLUE when it comes to that. Remember this ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama was the first Democratic candidate since Bill Clinton who fired back at the Republican candidate whenever the republican candidate took stabs at him. Obama was not a target by any means, and that's something that is still eating away at the conservatives, almost 24 hours after the result. Its time for a change, and that change is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is my 28th birthday. One of the biggest gifts I could possibly receive today was the victory that was attained by democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama last night. I turned twenty eight years old today. I'm thrilled that I made it to my 28th year; life goes on and will continue to go on. I'm totally loving it. The results of the 2008 Presidential Election have truly lifted a heavy weight off my back and brought a smile to face the entire day! Birthdays, as each year comes and goes, are the greatest gifts one can ask for. My mother got me a brand new, beautiful Sony digital camera for my birthday. Come Saturday, November 8, I'll be taking pics of everyone WITH everyone. I'm looking forward to my birthday celebration, as I feel amazing. I feel like I'm at the top of the world ring now. This feeling is absolutely glorious. Come out and see B-Money The Great on Saturday night! You won't regret it; it's an evening of excitement that you will not soon forget!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day is upon us - Please get out and vote!

Tomorrow is the big day - get out and VOTE!

Let me start off by sending my sincere condolences to Senator Barack Obama, as well as his team and family, for the untimely loss of his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. I hope that he can find peace and remain upbeat at this pivotal moment of his career as well as the United States of America.

Ladies and gentlemen, Election Day is tomorrow. After months of campaign coverage and debate coverage, that day is once again here. We have Senator John McCain (R) against Senator Barack Obama (D). I have done enough of my political science homework throughout the past several months. Come tomorrow afternoon, when I get out of work at 3:30 PM, I'm heading straight for the polls and I have made my decision to vote for Barack Obama.

As a result of the big $700 billion dollar bailout on Wall Street, our country is witnessing its greatest economic crisis since The Great Depression. Jobs for middle classes workers, especially those workers who have labored at their jobs for over twenty years, have lost their jobs. Their jobs are being sent overseas to other countries. Senator McCain stated back in July that our economy was in great standing. Right before the bailout, he said our economy is fine, only to retract his statement just a few hours later. Senator McCain believes that we are winning the war in Iraq, a meaningless endless war that's happening in the wrong location, but all I see are casualties losing their lives in a war that appears to be anything but quick and easy. On the contrary, it seems never ending.

This war, which Senator McCain claimed would be quick and easy, began in 2003. It has been any thing but quick and easy and our economy is at crisis level. This is the same exact economy that was enjoying a substantial surplus when Bill Clinton left office back in 2000. Can somebody please give me a logical reason (not a neo-conservative mind blurring reason) why Bill Clinton is to blame for that??? This war, over the last five years, has cost us billions of dollars. US tax payers, ever since the war began in 2003, have spent an excess amount of $42 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq [a country that currently has $79 billion dollar surplus], and for what? So we can continue to wage war, send more of our troops over there, and continue to spend millions that could go towards schools, education, energy over here in the United States of America? That doesn't make any sense at all.

Senator Obama plans to cut taxes for 95 % of Americans, those making less than $250,000 a year. There's not too many folks in this country earning incomes anywhere close to that at this time. Anybody who is making $250,000 or more wouldn't exactly appear to be in need of a tax break as much as those making $35,000, $40,000, or even $60,000 a year! Senator Obama also proposes a tax credit of $500 per person, or $1000 per family, for middle class tax payers. Senator McCain plans to make the tax cuts of President George Bush permanent.

Furthermore, Senator McCain is adamant and firm in his beliefs that we are winning the war in Iraq, we will emerge victorious in the end, and our troops will return home in victory. And with this country's economy at such crisis levels, I am increasingly curious as to how we are going to pay for this war that obviously continue should Senator McCain win this election. These are questions that you must ask yourselves at this pivotal time in our country's history, and hopefully you have asked yourselves these questions in the months leading up to this important moment.

That's just one voter's views and feelings about this country's state of affairs and the candidates. Everyone is different. All I can possibly do is encourage all of you to get out and vote. Make a difference. Whether you are a democrat who is a visionary of change and progress, or a republican who shares the maverick ideology, it is urgent that you get out and cast your vote. It's only Anti-American not to do so. This is probably the most critical and significant Presidential Election in the history of this country. One vote can make a difference; be sure to get out to the polls tomorrow and cast your vote!