Friday, November 14, 2008

The Audacity of Hope - by Barack Obama

Thanks to the Barnes and Noble gift card Mike's brother Chris gave to me for my birthday, I went to Barnes and Noble last night to search for a good book to purchase.

I bought Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope, which is a relatively new release as well as the Illinois Senator and President-Elect's second book release. Originally I was going to purchase the hard cover edition for $25 (which would've spent my entire gift card in one outing), but the cashier was courteous and honest enough to inform me that the store also had a soft cover edition for only $16.

Therefore, I let her grab the soft cover edition for me and I purchased that edition instead. As a result, I still have $9 left on the gift card that can go towards the purchase for another book.

Currently I am reading Audacity of Hope, but I am only about twenty pages into it. As I read more of it, I will be sure to you give you a Blog of Bryan exclusive summary.

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