Monday, November 10, 2008

Recent series of events Part I: Halloween at Bamboo!

Between Halloween, the Election, and my birthday, my life has been rather chaotic, but has been a pleasant chaos. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who make my birthday a special one. There were a number of folks who came out for the celebration this past weekend, but we will get to that in just a little bit.

The weekend before this past weekend, I was in Lavallette celebrating Halloween at Bamboo. Halloween just so happened to fall on a Friday this year, which was awesome. I left work at 1:30 PM so I could get home in time for Colleen to pick me up from my house.
After packing a few things, such as my clothes, pillows, costume, and other essentials that I was going to need for the weekend, Colleen arrived at my house around 3PM to get me. I packed my stuff into her car and we headed down to Lavallette together. Once we got there, Greg came out to say hello and Mike, dressed up his chicken costume, also came out to greet us. Shortly after our arrival, we all walked to Wawa to get some dinner and brought it back to the beach house. I was very excited about what the night had in store for us. Ray and Mel showed up a little later in the evening, as did Raph who was unable to take a half day at work.

Following our pregame, we put our costumes on and headed over to Bamboo for Halloween party. Bamboo was only charging a $5 cover, which was pretty reasonable in my opinion. The club was rather empty, but more and more people filed in as the night progressed. At the club, I had a couple beers along with a Long Island Iced Tea, which definitely sent me along my merry drunken way. Some of the girls dancing up the stage were fuckin smokin hot. Rather than hitting on the girls in the crowd on the dance floor, I was mezmorized by the chicks, eights and nines, who were dancing on the stage. As I expected, they were revealing their beautiful flesh through their sexy costumes which really didn't conceal much of their bodies. I was loving the show.

Meanwhile, Greg managed to find himself two girls and actually walked away with them at one point. Mike also managed to get a number. I was the only dipshit who was focusing on the dancers, but what I can I say? I was drunk and heavily entertained by the show. From time to time, a girl would come up to me and touch my sausage, or ask if they could take a picture with me in my costume, which I gladly agreed to. Overall, it was a fun time, but I probably could've worked my game just a little better.

On our way to back to Mike's at the end of the night when the club closed, we made another stop at Wawa to get some food and cigars. This is the part of the evening that I barely remembered, being that I was so drunk from the pregame as well as the drinks I bought at the club. Apparently I ordered a cheesesteak. We also bought a couple boxes of Dutch Masters. As soon as we got back to Mike's, I was so damn drunk and tired that I couldn't even finish my cigar. I lit it up, took a few puffs of it, and that was that. I was hit and ready for bed. Had I puffed anymore of that cigar, I probably would've thrown up and the night wouldn't have ended very well for me. LOL. At that point, I just put the cigar out, saved it for the following day, went inside and passed out on the futon.

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