Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Obama wins United State Presidency, with electoral vote count of 349-162! Not even CLOSE!

After getting out of work at 3:30 PM yesterday, I headed straight down to the polls at Dover Middle School to cast my vote. On my way back home, I stopped off at the liquor store to purchase a bottle a wine in celebration of what I believed was going to be a victory for my candidate, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. In my mind, I honestly believed this would be a close race right down the wire. Guess what? This election was NOT CLOSE.

Around 11:15 PM, when the poll results came in for the state of California, elevating Obama's electoral count to 295, I immediately crumbled to my knees and burst into tears of joy right in the middle of my living room. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. McCain didn't even break 170, much less hit the required 270. When the electoral count was completed and tallied up, Obama finished with 349! Percentage wise, Obama finished at 52%, McCain at 46%, with 2% going to Nader. Soooooo many of these republicans voting because they're SCARED to have a Afro/American President, or they're scared of change. The younger conservative voters, who voted for McCain, do not realize that they are in fact MIDDLE CLASS and whatever it was McCain had planned for us DID NOT BENEFIT THEM AT ALL!

Watching the debates, and the campaigns, and all that other political gobbly gook, one could see that Obama actually put some logical thought into a plan and and outline to reshape our country from an economical perspective as well as the war that we're currently fighting in the wrong place for the wrong reasons. The only thing I saw from McCain was constant criticism of Obama - "he's too inexperienced... he doesn't understand.... blah blah blah!" He defied what the Law of Attraction taught, which is not to focus your negative energy on one particular spot.

Furthermore, McCain focused all of his attention on what he thought Obama was doing wrong throughout his campaign, never once giving Americans an idea of how a McCain/Palin ticket might differ from the horrific failure that was the eight year old Bush/Cheney ticket. He never explained that, he never really gave an outline of what he has planned for this country - it was same old shit every time - "I have experience, I'm a former prisoner of war. Obama doesn't understand times like this. Listen to what he's saying, he's too inexperienced..... vote for me, and the troops will come home from Iraq with victory" Same shit in every debate. Very condescending towards Obama, and Americans do not like that shit!

John McCain likes to pretend that this war in Iraq started in 2007! Or even early 2008! It started in 2003. He said the war would be quick and easy. He said we'd be greeted as liberators. From an economic standpoint, he said the economy was in great standing as recently as July of this year. He said back in Oct of 08, three hours before the bailout on Wallstreet, that we were still in good standing - only to retract his statement HOURS later. He was wrong on all counts!

To all of you conservatives, you want to continue to fight a war that's costing our country 10 billion dollars a month, our "Land of the Free" that has dished out such substantial amounts is now going through the biggest economic crisis since The Great Depression, and Iraq - the country we're fighting against AND giving our money (and your diminishing 401K plans) to, is currently enjoying a 79 billion dollar surplus!!!!!!!!!!

There is something VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY WRONG with that picture, and I can't believe EVEN 46% of you are so fucking blind and stupid that you don't see that, as you rapidly lose the funds you have worked so hard for for so many years in your 401K plans! McCain based his campaign around topics that he Obama "doesn't understand" or "isn't experienced enough to understand". What I have just explained regarding the war in Iraq is probably the one thing Obama does not understand - and thankfully he is not alone that regard, as 52% of this country doesn't understand that either!

the question still remains, "Where is Osama Bin Laden?" What happened to all of the JOBS that we had in this country just a few years ago? All of you bitter and salty conservatives seem to know a thing or two about sending those jobs overseas. Bush was the master of that for over eight years!

Economy is what is really hurting us right now, and McCain proved that he hasn't got a CLUE when it comes to that. Remember this ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama was the first Democratic candidate since Bill Clinton who fired back at the Republican candidate whenever the republican candidate took stabs at him. Obama was not a target by any means, and that's something that is still eating away at the conservatives, almost 24 hours after the result. Its time for a change, and that change is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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