Saturday, November 29, 2008

Much to anticipate and be thankful for, as we ring in the holiday!

Thanksgiving pretty much came and went, but it was good one just the same. Now I have Christmas and New Years to look forward to, but I will embrace the Christmas holidays with some eggnog, shopping, and Christmas carols in the days and weeks leading up to December 25.

As it turns out, Greg Root will be hosting another Christmas party this year at his family's festive and beautiful little house down in Cinaminson. Greg's Christmas party will be taking place Saturday, December 20. Never fear, I will be bringing down food, drinks, and presents for the crowd at hand. That's how we do every year when it comes to Christmas celebrations. Hats off to Greg for keeping the tradition alive once again this year - the fourth year in a row in fact - for throwing another Christmas party. Everyone who has ever attended his holiday get-togethers has had a blast at his house. Hopefully at some point during that weekend, we can make a special trip to Philly and hit up a club again this year as we did last year.

Following Christmas, we have New Years coming up and the celebration for that will once again take place at Crazy Mike's beach house down in Lavallette. Props to Mike for once again hosting that event this year. I love Lavallette, all the Wawas, Seaside, and the clubs located in and around the area. We're going to have a blast. New Years is one of my favorite times of the year. I always begin to celebrate and anticipate the start of the new year pretty much after Christmas day passes.

News Years marks a new beginning that brings 365 new days, which include a winter, spring, summer, fall, and a chance to change whatever may have gone wrong or didn't go according to plan the previous year. It's also a chance to do certain things one might not have had a chance to do the previous year. Furthermore, I will be off from work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (of course!), New Years Eve, New Years Day, and many of the days surrounding the holidays. For that, I am very thankful and I will live them up with family and friends to the fullest.

This year, rather than going to Sawmill, we will be attending Bamboo on New Years Eve to ring in the dropping of the ball to start 2009. Bamboo gave us all a fun and exciting time on Halloween night last month, but I am anticipating an even BETTER night when we go there on New Years Eve. Plenty of events, gatherings, parties, and holidays to be thankful for as we head deeper and deeper into the winter.

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