Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent series of events Part III: B-Money's 28th birthday celebration!

"My mouth, My EYES!!!!"

My birthday celebration on Saturday, November 8th lived up to all expectations that I and others around me had for it. On Saturday afternoon, Mike, Chris, and Greg were the first people to make their arrival at my house. All of them brought me gifts and/or gift cards, which they did not have to do, but I was quite thankful for. Mike gave me a 12 pack of Guinness along with a gift card to Spencers. Mike's brother Chris got me a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble ($16 of which I spent on Obama's new book), and Greg's gift to me was a red, black, and white Stockton hoodie. I had a Stockton hoodie that was black and white a long time ago, but I'm not quite sure what happened to it. This hoodie that Greg got me, however, is very nice.

I ended up wearing it to work this past Friday. A little later in the day, Ray and Mel showed up. They both got me a drink glass from Atlantic City that says "Shut up and Drink". Very nice gift from the two of them. Eventually we all decided on Cluck U for dinner, which is where Greg would have his memorable 911 wing outburst. Mike was courteous enough (or not, for some of the folks who couldn't handle it, lol) to buy about five 911 wings for each of us to try. I took and wing and had a few bites of it. That shit was pretty hot, but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle or anything that was going to necessarily kill me. Chris, who got some of the sauce on his fingers and accidentally licked it, did not want any part of the wings. Mike ate a wing without any problems or complaints. Ray and Mel had no issues with the 911 wings that they had ordered. That leaves us with Greg, who regretfully took a bite from his 911 wing.

Moments later, I thought Greg was about to have a seizure. He shut his eyes very tightly, started spazzing out as tears ran down his face, and screamed in utter pain, "My mouth, My EYES!!!!" LMAO!!!! It was a sight to be hold, for which I could not keep the smile off my face. At point, in a sad attempt to get the spice off his tongue, Greg started flicking his tongue out of his mouth back and forth in the air, which could be disturbingly misconstrued by so of the folks at Cluck U at that moment. It was hilarious. Eventually Greg, four cups of ice later, was able to calm himself and get some taste back in his mouth. Bitter over the discomfort that the wing caused him, Greg angrily fetched the wing out into the parking lot. Chris asked Greg, "what happens if a bird or an animal eats that now?" Greg replied, "that's their problem." LOL. After dinner, we stopped off at Shoprite Liquors so I could pick up some Yuengling and a bottle of Black Swan Shiraz and Merlot. After all, almost everyone else had brought liquor and I felt obligated as the birthday host to provide some drinks of my own, so I picked up the wine and beer. We all went back to my house and pregamed for about three hours.

Beanie and Raph were unable to come out to Morristown with us that night, due to the fact that they had both caught a really bad cold. However, they managed to come over my house for the pregame party. Beanie got me a beautiful sweater along with a margarita mixer. Billy D, Lindsay, and Billy G also made their way over to my house. That is when the half hour political debate (regarding our new Presidential Elect) started in my kitchen! LOL.

Several times throughout that debate, I got a little too loud and my mother urged me to keep it down as to not irritate Frick and Frack. Eventually the debate came to a close, I won, and that was that. HAHAHA. There is a five minute video showing the highlights of that debate, which Mel managed to record on her camera. She said she would be putting that video on youtube. Once it's uploaded to youtube, you can guarantee that I will post it here on the Blog of Bryan for your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, Greg was busy showing The Root of All Evil to my mother, which happens to be on Youtube. She really seemed to get a kick out of the movie, especially the scene with the Judge Judy prank phone call!

Around 10:30 PM, it was time for all of us to head out to Morristown and continue our festivities at Grasshopper. Originally, it was going to be at George and Marthas, but we all decided on Grasshopper since there was a much better crowd present at the Grasshopper. A few of the folks bought me multiple drinks. Mike managed to score a few girl's numbers, so he was quite satisfied with his first experience at the Grasshopper. After the Grasshopper, we went over to Cluck U, where there was a chick who had just turned 21. I wished her a birthday she shooed me away, and I chumped her for being a bitch by chanting to everyone in the Cluck U that she "had the ass of a seven year old boy". LOL. It was great - she was eventually taken out by the cops, when a cop entered the place asking who had parked their vehicle illegally outside and she told him to shut up. What a super way to conclude my fabulous birthday celebration.

The next day, before everybody parted ways and went back home, we all went to I-Hop for breakfast and then came back to watch Goonies at my house. On a much sadder note, Raph announced that he would be moving back to Georgia that week. Looking back at it in hindsight, he left NJ this past Sunday. He will certainly be missed by all the folks who hung out with him for this past year or so. The Wednesday before he left, we all met up and took Raph to dinner at the Olive Garden as a farewell dinner to him. Hopefully, Raph comes up to Jersey soon and visits all of us. After all, most of his family is based right here in Jersey.

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