Tuesday, December 30, 2008

B-Money's Lavallette arrival for NYE 2008 weekend!

After working my eight hours on my final work day of the year at Solix, I drove back home to gather some last minute belongings that I intended for the weekend and headed down to Lavallette where I am right now. I arrived here at Mike's beach house about an hour ago. It's great to be back again, as I am ready to eat, drink, hang out with some friends, and enjoy the five day New Years festivus. Will this year's celebration of New Years live up to that of last year? Will it surpass last year's legendary and full filled celebration? Let's find out ladies and gentlemen. All I know right now is that I got a bottle of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat in my hand .... *taking a sip... ahhhhhh* and I intend to drink and enjoy that bottle of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Everyone have a good night! One more day left of 2008!

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