Wednesday, December 31, 2008

B-Money's recollection of 2008!

We have a brand new year upon us just a little over 24 hours from now. Taking that into account, I figured I'd keep the Blog of Bryan tradition alive by taking a look back at the most significant posts and moments of 2008. Be sure to check out what I believed to be the most memorable, with certain memories being pleasant and others not so sweet.

February 10, 2008

One would say that this was the death of a family member. His death to me, however, is also quite symbolic in the sense that it left us in a really horrible position, but by the same token, his death also stopped him from making that position even worse than he already had, as he really lost his mind there at the end, product of his immoral, monetarily influenced bad habits. These habits, along with his health issues, clearly lead to his demise. Wherever he is right now, he is likely begging for forgiveness. What I am thankful for is that he can no longer do any harm - emotionally - to those who are still living, most notably my loved ones around me. What he was doing in the final months of his life was putting my mother at risk and that was creating more harm than he was ever aware of or mentally capable of knowing. Having said that, hopefully he realizes that what he did was very very very wrong and that life for us here on Earth with continue in peace and out of harm's way. We learn lessons here in life. Live and learn.

May 29, 2008
Memorial Day at BG's house in Lake Hopatcong (one of the ONLY times I've ever been to BG's house, lol) was well spent with Billy D, Raph, and Beanie. But the career fair at RU was a legitimate step, taken on my behalf, to find a job and rebound from the loss I suffered in losing my job at Citistreet. As it turned out, and as you will read in the next post, my "loss" at Citistreet (now ING) did not turn out being much of a loss for me at all.

June 24, 2008

I had managed to get a position contractually as an auditor at Solix, making more than I made at my previous job and making a significantly shorter commute. How amazing is that? What a fortunate turn of events life had in store for me! However, my first day of classroom training was not scheduled to begin until August 4, so I had over a month of free summer leisure cut out for me!

July 6, 2008
4th of July weekend in Edison

A terrific weekend at Mike's house in Edison, even though it was raining for the most part. We all went to the movies to see Hancock (which I now own on DVD), and we also went to a comedy club in New Brunswick called The Stress Factory.

July 14, 2008

Last year I had gone to Pleasant Acres with Billy D on Memorial Day to BBQ with his family and his family's friends, but I made it up there a little bit more throughout the summer this year. I had the chance to go swimming in the pool up there. The distant scenery of hills, valleys, and trees that can be seen from the pool is beautiful.

July 17, 2008

This post goes into detail about my victory in my unemployment case, as the bastards from my previous place of employment decided that they would attempt to appeal my claim. They didn't get very far, as you can tell. Their representative in the case was a liar who sounded like a total idiot. A couple phone bills submitted on my behalf contradicted their claim that they had attempted to contact me for other job opportunities and that I had turned them down. My phone bill clearly showed that they did NOT try to contact me. I knocked them the fuck out, figuratively speaking, and was eligible to continue my collection of unemployment until August 4.

July 26, 2008

Our trip to Wildwood took place at the end of July, on the weekend that we spent in Lavallette. This was an extended weekend for me, being that I was not yet working at Solix. I recall watching the weather forecast prior to leaving for Wildwood on morning of the day we went there, and the forecast was referring to that day as a "PERFECT DAY". That was interesting to me. That definitely had to be a perfect summer day.

September 29, 2008
Economy falls, but memories of Six Flags are still grand!

Approximately 13 years since my last visit, I had finally made it back to Six Flags Great Adventure. Greg, Mike, and I went together and I was re-introduced to roller coasters, as I managed to go on about six of them, including Kingda Ka!

November 5, 2008

A profound landmark in our country's history, as for months we had witnessed the presidential campaign between our first black US presidential candidate and the oldest running US presidential candidate. Barack Obama won the election, defeating John McCain 53% to 46%. This is an election that I will remember for years to come, as it fell on the night before my birthday and established yet another reason - other than my birthday - for me to celebrate on the following day. God bless America!

November 26, 2008
B-Money's 28th Birthday celebration!

This year's birthday celebration was as special as any of them have been, but this was the year that I brought all of my friends from different locations, backgrounds, and history together for one big night and one great cause - my 28th!

Now for the Jerry Springer-wanna be final thought!

Overall I would have to say this was a better year than the previous two were. In my book, this was a year in which I feel as though I came out of it a winner. That's right, this was winning year. A couple setbacks I had earlier in the year created opportunities for prosperity and life's enjoyment later on in the year. I can honestly say that I had a wonderful summer, which I enjoyed with friends and family to the maximum. Trials and tribulations are crossed by all on this path of life. But as we get a little older and a little wiser, we come to appreciate the fact that we not only live to see another day, but also live to see another year.

Through all of the thick and thin, ugly and pretty, good and bad, one must keep trucking along to survive and see a new day. I've learned to focus on the path I am taking and not to worry about others so much. When you focus your negative energy on others and their problems, you're not concentrating on what you need to for yourself to make your life better and more livable. As I view life through my very own eyes today, I am standing firmly in my own spot. There's millions who are behind me trying to get head and get into my spot. They all hope to get up to my spot. Yet there are folks in front of me as well who are getting theirs. What am I focusing my energy and attention on? The spot that I am in.

For now, I realize where I am at and I will continue to move forward, which means continuing to reduce debt, going back to the gym again, paying bills on time, and banking money with each and every check that I earn. Along with helping out my mom whenever I can, I will continue to focus on ME in 2009. I've built a solid foundation this year and made some money, but now I want to make more and I will definitely make more while elevating myself along the way. In 2009, I plan to build upon what I established for myself in 2008 - making money and reducing much of the debt that I still had at the end of 2007!

My advise would be to focus on prospering and doing it legally and legitimately. Take your time in doing so. Take each and every passing day that is allotted to you. As I have learned, thankfully not the hard or fatal way, some of these shortcuts to what we think is prosperity are illegitimate. Some of these shortcuts are illegal. Some of these shortcuts can hurt others around you, may even loved ones. Some of these shortcuts might not necessarily be the most legitimate or safest ways to travel.... these shortcuts... might even lead to a finish line other than the one you think is labeled prosperity. They could lead you to another finish line, a little darker and perhaps lonelier than the other one I have mentioned. A short, sweet, and sudden finish line... called your demise.

OK, the end of that was creepy enough for me to want to stop now. LOL. Again, it's symbolic of what I learned in the last year or so, and those closest to me might even be able to comprehend what I'm referring to.

Good 2008, but we have a new year upon us in less than 24 hours. To all of my Blog of Bryan fans, friends, family, and stalkers alike, have a Happy New Year!!! All those going out tonight, be safe, get drunk as hell, and have a blast!


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