Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hemmingways, Greg's Christmas party, and a possible B-Money return to AC upcoming!

Ladies and gentlemen, BLOG OF BRYAN friends, family, fans and stalkers alike, your boy is here in full effect as we are getting closer and closer to the holidays. Work has kept me plenty busy over the past few weeks or so, which is why I really haven't updated this site with much of anything.

I have already started my Christmas shopping, so for once I'm not being a procrastinator when it comes to that, but I still have considerably more to do on that end. This weekend is being spent on a rather relaxing note, but next weekend should be a genuinely pleasing venture, as I will be leaving work early on Friday to drive down to South Jersey. Mike is probably getting out of work around 4:30 PM on that day.

Others are also working that late, or perhaps even later than that, on Friday as well. I figured I may as well just head all the way down to Atlantic City for the day and take a stroll up and down the boardwalk, as I have not been to Atlantic City in almost a year! Shocking, I know, considering that place was practically my backyard for four years. The time has come to return to my old stomping grounds and I am excited about it. Maybe I'll take some pictures as well with my new camera!

In the event that I do drive all the way down there, I will probably leave around 6 or 6:30 to head back up to Lavallette where everybody will be arriving at Mike's. Our Friday night at Mike's next weekend will serve as a worthy pregame to the Saturday evening Christmas party at the Rootman's house. I have to tell you, I'm looking forward to the entire weekend. On Friday night, we'll all be going to this lounge by the name of Hemingways Cafe in Seaside Heights.

I have never before been to Hemingways, so this will be my Hemingways debut on an evening when Hemingways is actually having their Christmas party, LOL. You got to love it. We'll see how things go at Hemingways, as this hot boy will definitely be on the look out for some beautiful girls who are in a festive yet playful mood. LOL.

It's time for me to treat myself to some coffee at Starbucks and maybe continue with some more shopping. There's one gift on I plan on purchasing for myself this year, as I can't exactly ask my family for this because that shit just wouldn't be right - it would be awkward. The Whos Nailin Paylin DVD is finally in stores and I will be getting that for myself! =)

I just read a brief synopsis of the DVD, courtesy of The peview reads as follows:

WHO`S NAILIN` PAYLIN is a naughty adventure to the wild side of that sexy Alaska governor, featuring girl-on-girl lovin, nailing the Russians who come knocking on her backdoor, and a younger Palin getting seduced by her college creationist professor who will explain a big bang theory even she cant deny! Also included: a three-way hardcore sex scene starring Palin / Paylin, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleeza Rice.

Remind me to fast forward through the Clinton and Rice scene, before I become impotent. LOL. Thank you.

Happy Holidays folks!

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