Sunday, December 21, 2008

I finally own Whos Nailin Paylin!

I only WISH I owned Lisa Ann!

Greg had to cancel his Christmas party this weekend, due to the inclement weather conditions. However, the weather cleared up a little bit and I was able to drive down to Lavallette to see Mike, Angie, and Greg and Mike's beach house.

When I arrived last night, we all exchanged gifts for the most part. I gave Angie her $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble. I also gave Mike Season Eleven of South Park on DVD. My gift to Greg was a Philadelphia Eagles hoodie, which made the prideful Philadelphia native and sports fanatic very happy.

Thanks to Mr. Mike Milek, I am now a proud owner of the Who's Nailin Paylin pornographic DVD from Hustler. Lisa Ann is one hot piece of ass - I love her round apple bottom. I would LOVE to have sex with that woman just once. Jada Fire is smoking hot as well; Condoleezza Rice could only dream she looked like that. The facials in that movie were phenomenal. These ladies took money shots, right on their glasses. I loved young Paylin as well, the scene dating back to the time when Paylin was in school. That's also one hot young piece of ass in the porn industry.

The Orally Factor, a parody of the O-Reilly Factor with Bill O-Reilly on Fox News, was absolutely hilarious as well. Honestly, it would not surprise me if there was an attempted lawsuit or two over the content that was featured in that movie. Yes, they changed her name from Palin to Paylin, but she's definitely still portraying herself as the Governor of Alaska. She's still saying the same sound bytes - "You Betcha!" - as Governor Palin made throughout her campaign with John McCain.

If there is indeed a lawsuit and this DVD is eventually taken off market, I just might have me a collectors item here! LOL. However, I don't think they'll ever take the DVD off the market.

Thank you for the gift Mike!

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