Sunday, January 04, 2009

Crazy Saturday night, without Hemingways

We didn't go to Hemingways last night. All of us got really drunk here at the beach house, so we ended up staying in. Greg was wasted and did one of his flamboyant gyrates. I was also pretty drunk (a conclusion you could probably come to from reading the previous post), but Ray was pretty much matching me drink for drink. Greg was passed out by like 9 o'clock. Angela was trying to confiscate the drinks from Greg and even tried to cut me off on a couple occasions. LOL. We did end up making a drunken late Wawa run, but we didn't drive! No worries. We walked there, being that it's only a block or so away from the beach house. I barely remember that Wawa trip, as I was bombed out of my gorge. One crazy Saturday night.

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