Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years Day excursion to Atlantic City!

We are already a couple of days into the new year. So far, the first couple of days have been freezing cold, but also pretty nice. On New Years Day, Greg did not wake up until after 1PM.

Once Greg got his practically comotosed ass out of bed, Mike, Chris, Greg, and I got in the car and headed down to Atlantic City. Along the way to Atlantic City, we made a pit stop at Stockton College, our old and dearly missed stomping grounds. Renovations made to that campus in the past couple of years make it look like different campus, as the new apartments are modern and luxurious looking.

They are bigger sized apartments with lounges on each floor, pool tables, and high definition televisions. After checking out the apartments, we took a walk over to Lakeside, which now called The Lodge at Lakeside. There is now a lounge area where the old housing office used to be, so we all walked into the empty lounge and sat down to take in some of the the nostalgic value.

Eventually we left the campus and headed for the Tropicana in Atlantic City. Once we got there, we took some pictures of The Quarter and some of the water fountains and then made our way to Hooters.

Mike signaled the waitresses to acknowledge the fact that Greg's birthday was coming up. About midway through the meal, about five or six of the Hooters girls walked over to our table, requested that Greg stand on his chair, and flap his arms as part of what Hooters considers a birthday acknowledgement. Whatever, the girls did not seem as flirtatious as they have in other Hooters restaurants, but the girl who was serving us had a really nice ass.

As we were leaving Hooters after enjoying our meal, our cute little server apologized for the fact that she felt her service was subpar at best. What she may not have realized is guys don't really go to Hooters for the service. For us, the service is seeing our waitresses in their tight orange undies accenting their beautiful asses as they serve us our food! That, alone, was good enough for me. More to come later, ladies and gentlemen.

Stay tuned, because Blog of Bryan is here to stay in the 09' and there will be plenty of news, different topics, and business to discuss, as well as pictures to post. Yes, expect more pictures this year. New digital camera and memory cards with a lot of space. Yes, many more pictures folks!

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