Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ready to take care of business in this new year!

While this is a new year that could very well bring about new ventures as well as new endeavors, I realize that I must put in the work if I wanna play.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we're a little over a week into this brand new year. From Greg's Tsunami challenge at Surf Taco to my return to Stockton and Atlantic City, I honestly say that my NYE five day weekend is one that will be remembered for a long time. Our five day celebration was euphoric, at which time I partied, went around to different parts of New Jersey South of Point Pleasant, and ate like a slob.

Such habits are inclined to happen during New Years vacation, or any vacation for that matter, but now it's back to business - making money, getting in shape, handling my business appropriately and accurately at work, and did I say making money? All work and no play would surely make me a dull young man. While this is a new year that could very well bring about new ventures as well as new endeavors, I realize that I must put in the work if I wanna play.

Along with the business comes just a little bit more pleasure, as Greg Root is celebrating his 28th birthday this weekend down at his house in Cinnaminson. I'm looking forward to making the trek down there after work tomorrow and meeting up with all who are involved to celebrate the Rootman's 28th birthday. I also look forward to seeing Mr. and Mrs. Root, as always. In a couple of weeks, I'll also be celebrating best friend Billy Dyer's 28th birthday, so as you can see there are at least a couple of significant birthday celebrations taking place this month.

On January 20, President-elect Barack Obama will be removing the "elect" moniker from his title and we will then be calling him President Obama! I'll be watching his presidential inauguration on television. There are many citizens in our country who are skeptical of Mr. Obama's economic stimulus package and plans for economic recovery, but keep in mind that he is assuming the role of President of the United States in one of the worst eras of our country's history. Obama has a continuously free falling economy, two wars, health care, illegal immigration, and a number of other serious issues to deal with.

Our country is at a trillion dollar deficit right now. No question about it, the dire straights that our country is currently facing can viewed as baptism under fire for Obama. There is only so much one man can do, but how he deals with this crisis is what will either gain or deny him the approval of his greatest skeptics and build his character. We're quick to judge people these days before they even allow one to prove one's self.

I voted for Obama because I believe he is a leader who has better intentions, such as helping the middle class and cutting business taxes, and also had a better overall plan for our nation as a whole than that of his opponent. Let's give him a chance to prove himself and see what he is made of.

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