Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome President Obama!

History was made in our nation today, as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States at the inaugural ceremony at the US Capital. It was quite the scene at work today, as staff members - Democrat, Republican, Moderate, Undecided, Black, White Asian, whatever category they fall under, they are AMERICANS - filed into cafeterias, kitchens, and conference rooms to watch the live coverage of the inauguration on CNN.

I'll tell you what really amazes me. Some of these conservatives who work at my company complain about how they don't believe in 'sharing the wealth'. Sharing the wealth is what's wrong with Obama's tax plan, but they're approving and giving out $3.5 billion U.S. tax dollars of grant money each year to impoverished schools throughout the country? These salty conservatives have a lot of nerve offering up their criticism (especially before the new president even has a chance to prove himself) on whatever THEY believe 'spreading the wealth' means, when they in fact contribute to what they believe will be the problem in this term, and possibly even the next two terms. I suppose the ten million dollars a month going to Iraq isn't sharing either. HAHAHA!! You're all too much!

I suppose the conservatives will never be totally happy until the U.S. is also giving its money away to every other country outside of our borders, along with Iraq. Afterall, up until this point, giving away 10 billion a month to Iraq and losing all of the troops we lost has proven a greater cause than the idea of making business tax cuts as well as tax cuts for middle class in the United States. You see the heights it's taken us to, right???? Talk about the Iraqi.... I mean, I mean, the AMERICAN Dream. hahahahaha

In any case, whatever political party you support, stubbornness aside, we are all citizens of this great nation. This is the greatest nation in the world. President Obama has one gigantic mess to straighten out, including a free-falling economy, two wars, health care, and illegal immigration. We should give this man a chance to prove himself and show what he has got. It all begins today. November 4th 2008, the night before my 28th birthday, was a historic election that I will remember for the rest of my life. Today marked a historic inauguration.

Welcome, President Obama!

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