Monday, February 02, 2009

Morristown struck by earthquake moments ago!

A 2.9 earthquake hits Morristown, NJ!

About half an hour ago, I was woken up from a relatively deep sleep to the sound of a gigantic bang that totally shook the house. Nobody in town knew what it was. In an attempt to find out, we called the police but the police did not have an answer. I got dressed and walked outside to find the neighbors standing out in the street as well, looking just as confused as I was. After coming back inside and seeing the Channel 4 news, it was discovered an earthquake had just hit Morristown. Reporters said it was anywhere from a 2.9 to a 3.5. That's absolutely insane. That's the kind of news and type of natural disaster that we usually hear about in California or somewhere out there in the West Coast. Earthquakes in NJ??????! Perhaps that could have something to do with the weather being much warmer than usual the last couple days? Who knows. Maybe it will be bring some good luck! All joking aside, hopefully everyone is safe and can go back to sleep again - which is exactly where I am about to go. Good night everyone.

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