Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Sunday night thoughts: Valentine's Day, President's Day, Obama, and more!

Yeah, it's currently 11:39 PM and I am more awake than usual late on this Sunday evening. Perhaps that is because tomorrow is President's Day and work is closed. Additionally, Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage is on Encore, so I'm watching a little bit of that. That's the same Ghost Rider movie Raph and Beanie loved so much when we went to see it in the theater! *sarcasm, in case you didn't pick up on it*

Valentine's Day came and went for all of you incurable romantics. Cupid shot his arrows, many of you chicks got your candy, teddy bears, jewelry, Hallmark treasures, and all of that good jazz. The concept of love, an emotion not so easy to universally define, is whatever you make of it. A wise man once said "We fall in love when our imagination projects nonexistent perfection upon another person. One day, the fantasy evaporates and with it, love dies." Logic dictates that if I'm in love with a special someone, I love them everyday.

I certainly would not need to pick a random freezing cold February day in which to funnel all of that love! In any case, I guess Valentine's Day is a 'cute' holiday for all of the couples it brings happiness to. Maybe one of these days, B-Money will once again find a suitable significant other worthy of sharing this mysteriously loving February day. LOL. Now that the day has in fact been over for almost 48 hours, it is time to look forward to the spring as well as St. Patrick's Day.

Mike will be driving up to D-town to see me tomorrow. Beanie, Mike, and I plan on going to Ruby Tuesdays at the Ledgewood Mall and then Cliffs Ice Cream afterwards. Who knows, maybe we'll even go see a movie at some point throughout the day. Quite a way to spend President's Day, isn't it?

While we are on the topic of presidents, President Obama is set to sign his economic stimulus bill, which recently passed through the House as well as the Senate, on Tuesday. You have to love the people who voted for McCain, continuously dog Obama for his inexperience or the fact that they just do not care for him, but are more than ready and willing to accept the stimulus check that they are going to receive without crediting President Obama for his hard work and dedication to get such a deal passed and signed.

One of these days, many of you thoughtless skeptics are going to reach deep down within your wisdom [if you happen to have any at all] and smell the coffee before you judge or make the choices that you make based on your misconstrued judgements.

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