Friday, February 20, 2009

Story of a mother with no control for her little brat.

Just the other day, I was sitting at a computer in the library on my leisure playing a computer game when a little girl came up to the computer next to me. She was there with her mother, but she walked up to the computer by herself.

About a minute or two later, her mother found her and urged her to go downstairs with her to the children's section of the library. Objecting to her mother's request, the little girl maintained her position at the computer next to me. I shit you not, this mother must have asked this girl about 108 times to go down stairs, but this girl who must have been no older than five years of age simply refused.

At one point, the desperate mother placed her hand on the keyboard in a failed attempt to end the child's activity, but the girl screamed, "stop, you need to stop". What a nerve! The mother, complying with this little brat's instructions, ended her attempts to pry the girl away from the computer. Furthermore, she chose to inquire about what the girl was doing and what she was typing, suggesting "that's not how you spell that, honey."

After failing to be an authority figure to her daughter, she even tried to provide an incentive to go downstairs (rather than a reprimand for not going right away, when requested) by implying, "you know what? Eddie such and such is downstairs too. We can go see him". The little brat replies, "no he's not staying down there, he's coming up here to join me."

Aimlessly looking around the library at the attendants as well as the visitors, this mother was completely lost and had absolutely no fucking clue as to how to discipline this child. She even looked over at me and said, "that's an interesting way to use a computer. Playing some computer games, huh?" I simply looked up at her, grinned, and thought to myself, "that is an interesting way to discipline your daughter - pleading rather than instructing."

This had to have gone on and on for about fifteen minutes, when the little girl - not the mother - decided it was time to go downstairs. It was as if the two of them were on the little girl's time rather than the mother's. Shocking lack of authority!!! I can not decide whether or not it was disturbing or mildly amusing. Amusing for me, but certainly disturbing for that little girl and her mother.

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