Sunday, March 22, 2009

Enjoying the nice weather on this spring Sunday

Spring has finally sprung!

The weather is nice out today; it's still a little bit chilly but it's bearable. Last night I watched Roy Jones's March Madness PPV card televised from Pensacola, FL, featuring Jones's fifth round TKO of Omar Sheika, as well as some other Mixed Martial Arts and boxing contests. Fortunately I was able to catch a live stream on sports network site, sparing me the expense of paying $29.95 to order the event and watch it on TV.

When I woke up this morning, I helped Billy D clear our front porch/balcony of the old carpets that used to cover the floor downstairs. I also picked up some of the garbage that was lying in the front yard and threw it away in the trash. Upon cutting up and piling up the pieces of carpet, we loaded up the back of Bill's father's Dodge Durango and dumped the excess garbage at a dumpster in East Hanover. Bill and Lindsay's families are having a baby shower for Bill's sister Leigh Ann, who is expecting a girl, so Bill headed out for the day as did I in order to allow them some time and space to enjoy their little party. Perhaps later this afternoon, Bill and I will get a bite to eat at M&S II.

Spring is finally here, and the weather is getting warmer as I said earlier, but I am definitely looking forward to going down to Lavallette this coming weekend to celebrate the birthdays of Ray and Chris. According to Mike, we'll probably be heading out to Blackbeard's Cave in Bayville for some paint balling on Saturday. On Friday night, Mike, Chris, and I intend to go to Hemingway's. Greg hasn't been all that fond of going out, or taking part in the club scene as of late, but we're going to drag him out with us whether he likes it or not. He must learn to come out with us and live a little.

Prior to my trip down to Lavallette on Friday evening, I must remember to make a stop at the Bindiya in Parsippany to get my hair cut and eyebrows threaded. What I can say? It is incumbent on me to maintain my healthy and handsome physical appearance, especially if I'm going to be heading out to a club on Friday night.

That's basically it right now. I'm enjoying the warmer temperatures as well as spending some leisurely time outdoors. We spend three or four months of the year couped up inside the house throughout the winner, so when spring shows it's pretty face, it is necessary that I get my ass outside. Although it looks like it is about to rain, so I better make sure my sun roof is closed!

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