Thursday, March 05, 2009

Give me this one weekend, and then I'm returning larger than life come next week!

Another weekend is just about to show its pretty self, but this is a weekend is that has been fore casted to reach temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Such beautiful weather is long over due, so I'm delighted that I will be heading down with Jack Horowitz to Lavallette to get together with Mike, Angela, Greg Root, Ray, Mel, and perhaps Beanie along with her new boyfriend Chris.

This weekend, which I view as a type of sanctuary to some extent, is going to be a terrific escape from normal everyday life as well as the disturbing and unfortunate news about the economy that we read and watch on a daily basis. How long can one read about massive layoffs and continuously contracting recession, before one acknowledges the need to briefly get away from the madness? Such escapes are necessarily, albeit for a short period of time.

Throughout this weekend, which B-Money referred to as the Celebration of Life earlier this week, I anticipate a Friday night trip to Hemingways in Seaside, as well as some leisurely boardwalk time. Hopefully the weather is gorgeous and I see some beautiful women wearing shorts accenting their voluptuous asses. Ohhhhhhhhhh yea! Ladies, if we are indeed blessed with warm weather this weekend, feel free to reveal some flesh by all means! Certainly, I could use the thrill. Along with seeing beautiful girlies strutting around with their cute little shapes, I also wouldn't mind walking down the boardwalks of Seaside and/or Point Pleasant and NOT freezing my ass off for the first time this year!

I'm glad that I'll be traveling down with Jack, who is randomly reemerging it seems and getting back into the loop of the Stockton alumni that I associated with throughout the years! We'll be having a couple drinks and cigars, most likely Black and Milds, just to cool out for a while. Provided that temperatures live up to this weekend's weather forecast, I might even have me a cigar out on the beach at night with friends of mine.

There's no question that these are some tough times that we are currently going through in the United States, but I am just about ready to break away from all of that negativity. Give me this weekend which I believe has the potential to be something warranted as well as special, and then I'm returning larger than life next week - refreshed; bigger and better than ever!!!

Alright, it's 11PM. Time to watch Family Guy on Adult Swim. Blog you soon.


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