Sunday, March 01, 2009

Low key Lavallette getaway upcoming next weekend!

There was a terrific lightweight championship fight that took place this past weekend between champion Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz. Marquez emerged victorious, stopping Diaz in nine rounds in what was a classic fight. Be sure to check out Boxing Chronicles for a greater, in-depth analysis of what happened in that fight.

Well ladies and gentlemen, a new week is upon us but I am looking forward to next weekend. I'll be taking a trip down to the Lavallette on Saturday to hang out with Mike, Chris, Angela, Greg, and brace yourselves for this one .... *drum roll*.... Jack Horowitz!! Yes indeed, Mr. Jack will be carpooling down to Lavallette with yours truly on Saturday, so that should make for a pretty entertaining and enjoyable weekend. It will be a weekend that I go back to the basics of life's enjoyment and purpose, in what can be described as a momentary escape from the harsh reality of this country's current economic status.

Lavallette is my type of town, located on the outskirts of Seaside Heights. I love Wawa. I love Little Mias, the Italian restaurant/pizza parlor that we have gone to for dinner on a number of occasions. We'll probably be going there for dinner on Saturday night, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Basically, I'm anticipating some quality time smoking a cigar or two, have a couple drinks, heading out to the boardwalk provided that the weather is ideal for such activity, and just taking it easy on a low key weekend with some great people. As of late, I've been a bit of a negative Nancy to some extent, product of reading and watching all of the wonderful things (obviously sarcasm)that I see in the news every single day. There comes a time when one needs an escape from all of that horse shit, even if it's for a brief period of time, and get back to what makes one happy and taking part in activities that surround one's self with positive energy.

To summarize the basis of this post, this coming weekend is an appropriate time as any to hang out with some of my closest companions and have some intelligent, leisurely, and even some comical conversations in the process. There will be plenty of videos and pictures taken throughout that weekend.

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