Thursday, March 19, 2009

President Obama on Jay Leno tonight, upcoming birthday celebration, and more!

This is B-Money coming to you in text format, as opposed to video format, on this mild March Thursday evening. Hopefully you liked the videos that I posted earlier from St. Patrick's Day in New York City. That was only part one of a three part post featuring all of the videos from that beautiful day. I'm glad Ray had a good time as well as a Happy Birthday, being that St Patrick's Day was also his 27th birthday, which we all celebrated over dinner and green beer at Bubba Gumps in Time Square.

What I am now looking forward to with great anticipation is Chris Milek's much anticipated birthday weekend. On the weekend of March 27-29, a number of us will be returning to the infamous Lavallette shore house for Mr. Milek's 30th birthday celebration. This is a birthday of great significance because it is the celebration of a 30th birthday and 30 is a major landmark, so we are going to thoroughly enjoy throwing this bash for Chris. Due to the fact that only Mel, Mike, and I saw Ray on his birthday a couple days ago, the celebration taking place next weekend will be a dual birthday celebration for both Ray and Chris. Hopefully we'll be hitting up Hemingways in Seaside and making our way to the boardwalks in Point Pleasant as well as Seaside throughout that weekend. I'm praying for weather the likes of which we enjoyed when we were down there a few weeks ago at the beginning of the month.

Tonight I will be watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as the guest on Leno's show will be none other than President Barack Obama. Obama, who made history when he became the first Afro American president of United States a couple months ago, will once again do so as the first sitting U.S. President ever to appear as a guest on a late night chat show. I definitely want to hear the latest from Obama in terms of the stimulus package, the greed of the executives AIG, and the increase in unemployment as well as the increase in job cuts throughout the country. Thanks to the House of Representatives voting for a 90% levy on the $165 million in AIG bonus money (really Federal bailout money, in all likelihood) that went to executives, those greedy motherfuckers are going to have to return most of that money.

This is the type of greed and incompetence that contributed to the downfall - a downfall that is still ongoing - of our economy. Since when do companies reward their executives for incompetence???? They sure as hell did not ask for a bailout because of the company's exceptional job performance! That is all at this time. Stay tuned for more, as we approach spring as well as the dual birthday celebration upcoming in Lavallette.

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Obama makes some good points about people's overblown sense of entitlement