Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Saturday of bowling, Chinese food, and a couple of fun victories!

B-Money WINS APPLES TO APPLES, the game everybody else in the group loves and adores, and a game of bowling!

As you can see clearly, I was not lying to you about the videos. There are plenty of pictures of videos. Last night I won our game of Apples to Apples (not one of my favorite games, but I take all victories in a practically exaggerated stride, and rightfully so!), as well as the second game of bowling that we played at the Brunswick bowling alley in Lakewood. LOL. My score was 100. Mike, Greg, Angie, Chris, and I played two games. Ray and Mel sat on the side lines and watched us, being that they had given blood earlier in the day and didn't feel like throwing bowling balls. That's understandable, though. Mike won the first game by a score of 109. Overall in the two games combined, Mike finished at first place with a total of 190. I finished at second place with a total of 176. After that, I believe it was Greg, Angie, and then Chris finishing respectively in 3rd, 4th, and 5th place. Everybody bowled valiantly, but it was all in good fun. After bowling, we all went to the Chinese restaurant on the island for dinner. I had one of my favorite dishes, General Chang's Chicken with white rice as well as Hot and Sour soup. Dinner was delicious. Fudgy the Whale made for an amazing dessert (Chris's birthday ice cream cake); I am half way tempted to pick one up for myself and just pretend that it's my birthday today. LOL. Ray's cake, the cookie cake, was pretty good as well. I'm getting a little hungry here, so it is time to head out to Bayside Cafe for breakfast.

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